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Giselle’s Nursery


I wanted to create a peaceful, dreamy and relaxing escape for my baby girl, Giselle (not born yet, I'm due in July).Ā Something modern, fun and fresh, with few touches of bright colors...Coral Pink & lime green.

I had a little space challenge in this room so having the dresser double as a diaper changing station worked out nicely.


Design Inspiration

I found lots of inspiration on Pinterest and Project Nursery.

I originally started out looking for the fabric for the curtains. Once I found the fabric at Joann's Fabric store I fell in love with the color scheme. I kept the walls a neutral color gray and wanted to add pops of coral pink and lime green in the accessories. I felt like avoiding having everything too matchy-match and blending the different color shades and it all somehow ties together! LOL

Decorating Style

I had so much fun working on designing this room. It actually turned out sooo differently then what I originally had planned in my head...but everything really evolved organically that it kinda took on it's own style. I tried to stay somewhat modern and chic with traditional touches here and there. I was on a really tight budget so I was thrilled to find sweet deals at places like Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.

Project Details





Favorite Items

Its hard to pick one...but I think My favorite items are the Curtains because they were handmade by a very dear friend of mine and were the inspiration of the whole room.

I also LOVE the Glider! It's so relaxing. That was one item my husband and I decided to splurge on since we knew we would be spending a lot of time in it. ;)


I would say start early that way you can take your time and enjoy the whole nesting experience. I had so much fun looking on line for inspiration and then trying to find similar items on a smaller budget. It's so worth it in the end and very rewarding for you and your new little love bug! :)


Wednesday 11th of September 2013

Love the colors! I used a lot of gray and white in mine! How have you liked the glider? Does your head rest on the back or the chair or the top? I'm trying to decide between this one and another one


Wednesday 17th of July 2013

Pretty room. I like your curtains, your bedding and your color choice.

Jillian Scotts

Monday 10th of June 2013

Love how big your window is! That means plenty of natural light!