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Girls Room Makeover


The "Before" was a very boring, plain, builder-grade look. The house was built in 2019 and while everything was nice and new, the room had no personality and did not reflect the little girl living in it at all! There was nothing "custom" about the room and it's likely that everyone who bought a home from our builder had rooms that looked exactly like this one. The room also had very little functionality aside from sleeping! There was little to no storage, no shelving, and no real storage system for toys, books, etc.

We wanted more, and needed more out of this space. We wanted a space that WE could get creative in, but that would also encourage creativity for our little girl! She needed a place she could feel herself in, feel safe in, read in, study in, and just enjoy being home in!

The entire makeover could have been done in one weekend, but it took us about 3-4 weeks simply for delivery or products we had ordered to spruce things up (bedding, rugs, etc.). We chose a kid-friendly bedding that can be made up simply with pull of a zipper! We went with a beautiful and feminine floral peel and stick wallpaper that was not only SUPER easy to apply, but it has all my daughter's favorite colors!! Then we added some neutral wood toned shelving for aesthetics and storage, a large comfortable egg chair for cozying up with a book, and some floating shelves above the dresser for books and/or pictures. The entire project cost about $750.

We love everything about this project! My daughter was over the moon thrilled when it was finally done and now she enjoys playing, reading, lounging in there all the time!! It's so pretty and functional now that it's even inspired her to keep it clean!! Now if that's not a mom-win, I don't know what is!!!

I honestly wouldn't change a thing, well...except I would have done it sooner!!! But my only words of advice would be make sure that whatever wallpaper you choose works with your wall type. For example if you have textured walls, make sure you get a wallpaper that works well on it. This one did for me! The other thing I would add is make sure you choose design elements that are true to YOU!!! You are unique and the room's personality should reflect yours!