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Girls Night Out Baby Shower


A sex reveal baby shower full of surprises and joy. Chic and sassy were the words of the day to describe the happy mommy to be. P.S. It's a Girl!

Design Inspiration

The theme was inspired by a girls night out with modern patterns and bright colors (turquoise, black, grey, and white).

Decorating Style

fun, bright, splashes of colors that pop, modern, sophisticated, chic, and sassy

Project Details

Everything was made from DIY Templates that can be found in my shop

The boxes the paper cones are standing in were made from shirt boxes with wholes cut in the tops and wrapped with wrapping paper from Target.

The white trays the cookies are sitting on came from Pier 1.

Party favors were paper cones filled with herseys kisses. I bought scrapbook paper from Micheals and created the cones myself.

Favorite Items

My favorite things were the wine glass flags. They featured phrases that went with the theme (chic, spohisticated, sassy, happy, vivacious, etc.).


When throwing a shower for a sex reveal keep colors neutral to keep guest guessing pink and baby blue are bit to obvious and the surprise will be ruined.

We used black and white with a vibrant turquoise to throw everyone off the trail. We also made everything about the mommy to be instead of a baby specific theme.


Tuesday 5th of April 2011

Great to see some Etsy love!  I have to say that this is one great looking party and those printables are nice!