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Gentry’s Boutique


*** I am a horrible photographer, so please excuse the poor quality of these photos***

This was my first girl, so I wanted over the top girly-ness for her room.  We fashioned her closets to look like her own personal boutique, and then went from there, including outdoor elements and things that you may see outside of a boutique.   I've always loved the boldness of black and white stripes and have been trying to incorporate it into our home for years.  This was the perfect excuse!


Design Inspiration

Black and white awnings, boutiques.


Project Details

The crib bedding is by Little Bunny Blue.  The crib is from Corsican Cribs.  The dresser was a salvaged piece that I paid $75 for.  The rug is actually 2 $14 rugs that I purchased from Wal Mart and sewed together.  The closets were a special order from Feather River Doors, and I purchased the vinyl decals at Fast Signs.   My dad made the forms for the awnings, and my husband's aunt and I sewed the awning covers, complete with scalloped borders.  Other big elements in the room include a vintage door purchased at an antique store, and an old trellis salvaged from a pile of trash.  My dad also installed the porch light, and hooked it up to one of the light switches in her room to provide a nice night light when needed.

Favorite Items

I really love the way her closets turned out and feel that they are the focal point of the room.  Too bad they are not on the opposite wall where you would be able to see them when walking down the hallway.


Monday 29th of October 2018

How did you do the closet doors to look like that? And how did you make the thing above the doors?


Sunday 15th of January 2017

This room is just adorable! Could so easily transition from infant all the way to pre-teen! So, so cute! And this type of French theme is one of my very favorites! You've done an amazing job. Love, love, LOVE the closet!! The entire room is perfect!

Florence Amber

Sunday 5th of February 2012

Such a beautifully fancy room! The crib, the mobile, the door, the window, the changing table... everything lives up to the theme!


Wednesday 1st of February 2012

i totally loved the awnings you made... and have a similar color scheme and style for my lil girl.... love it all :)