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Genevieve’s nursery


Super low budget nursery with a vintage modern super girly vibe..

Design Inspiration

I have had a love affair with damask for a while and knew I wanted to use it in my daughter's nursery.  Once I found the hot pink damask bedding, the rest of the room developed from there...

Decorating Style

I am certainly no design expert so it is ever evolving...but typically I go for modern with a vintage element.

Project Details

At the time I was unemployed so a low budget nursery was necessary and dictated a lot of my choices. That said, I still wanted to create a room my daughter would love and one that I would love being in as well.  Once I found the damask bedding, everything evolved from there.  I loved that the damask 'theme' was sort of vintage but the hot pink and lime green colors made it more modern. 

As for shopping, the bedding was from Target, the crib was from Wal-Mart, and the dresser was a thrift store find that I sanded and painted.  The rocking chair was given to me.  I spray painted it and used a crib sheet to cover it (coolest trick ever--cheap and no sewing required!).  My sisters-in-law used the damask bedding for my shower for runners (they purchased crib sheets for the fabric) so a friend of mine used one of them to make a valance and I added them to the ottomans which were from Target.  The side table was from ikea as were the wall shelves.  The accessories were from HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and thrift stores.

Favorite Items

I love the mirror which was a HomeGoods find.  I LOVE the bedding and I loved the teacup lamp which I made myself!  (well my husband helped me with the drilling). :)  I also love the dresser.  It was a labor of took quite a while to sand and paint but I loved the end result.


Well I have to say the one thing I regret is going a bit overboard with pink so I'd say one thing is to realize that not everything has to match perfectly...But the things I did "right," were to mix and match accessories and decor items from different sources.  Painting anything can give it an entirely new look so don't be afraid of old or used items if you have the patience to paint or refinish them.  Creating a nursery on a budget is REALLY tough--most of the inspiration I looked at had single items that cost double what I spent on an entire room!! So if you're working on a budget I recommend finding one item that you love (and can afford) and then using that as inspiration for the rest of the space.  My number one piece of advice is not to be afraid to use stuff YOU love.   You spend so much time in the nursery and you'll want to love it.  Genevieve loves her room--she especially loved the bright colors and bold pattern of her bumper so don't be afraid to go bold and bright.  For more tips visit

Lorrie Garza

Monday 22nd of August 2011

What is the name of the paint you used?

Tiffany DeLangie

Monday 4th of April 2011

Wow, that is so sweet of you to say!! I’d say roughly $500 not including paint and the chair rail.  Here’s the breakdown from what I can remember:

Crib- $140 from Wal-Mart

Bedding- about $100 for 3 pieces from Target

Rug- gift from shower (cost about $80 at Target)

Curtains-$19 from Wal-Mart

Valance- free, friend made with crib sheet material

Ottomans- about $12ish each at Target

Dresser- $60 from Thrift store

Shelves- already had but reasonable from IKEA

Side table- already owned but about $10 from IKEA

Rocking chair- given to me, covered with a crib sheet 14.99 from Target

Personalized blanket on rocking chair- gift

Books on shelf- less than $5 from thrift store

Piggy bank- gift

White porcelain bird- about $5 from TJ Maxx

Dress form- on clearance for $7 from HomeGoods or TJ Maxx

Frames- $8 or less each from HomeGoods

Cutie Pie sign- $10 from antique store

Teacup lamp- about $20 for supplies

Personalized wall art- gift (my friend made the print and the frame was from Target)

Fabric covered cork boards- $12 each from TJ Maxx

Mirror- about $20 from HomeGoods

Probably WAY more detail than you wanted to know! ;) Thanks again for your sweet comment!



Monday 4th of April 2011

Just wondering, You said that this was a super budget room, but it looks really, really beautiful.  How much did you spend for this?

Tiffany DeLangie

Saturday 2nd of April 2011

Thanks!  I actually purchased those from TJ Maxx...BUT I seriously have thought so many times that I should have made them. It would have been so easy!  You can find frames like that from all the discount stores (or perhaps even thrift stores), paint them and use scrap fabric for the interior.  There are tons of blog tutorials. Just google "DIY fabric covered corkboard."  As for the "A star is born" sign, my sister in law made that for my baby shower.  She used scrapbook paper and I'm guessing just printed the letters on the computer and cut them out (if you have a cricut or access to one that would work even better!) and probably used a stencil for the star shape.  Thanks for checking out my nursery and good luck with yours!  Tiffany 


Friday 1st of April 2011

Loving the frames there with the pictures tucked into it and A Star Is Born forming the words.  I think that this is a good idea and I'd like to replicate that!  Did you make that yourself??? So love this room!