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Gender Reveal Party for Baby Johnston


We threw a party for our closest friends & family, to find out the gender of our first baby. We had everyone choose a side, boy or girl, & wear pink or blue according to their guess. We went through the old wives tales to see what the old wives tales had to say about what our baby would be! We kept a tally on a chalk board, along with everyones votes. At one point during the party, we had everyone seperate into two teams, team pink & team blue. They had to draw what they thought our baby would look like. Their drawings were hilarious!

We did not know the gender of our baby before the party. We had the ultrasound tech write it down & put it in a sealed envelope. I then gave the envelope to a dear friend & she made a cake, that had either pink or blue filling, according to what the tech wrote in the envelope. We cut the cake to reveal the gender, & it was a GIRL! It was so much fun finding out this big secret with our friends & family :) 

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Lauren Green

Friday 14th of September 2012

When they cut the cake... BEST MOMENT EVER. She's clapping and his face says it all! Excited but thinking "Uh oh!"