Gender Nuetral Transitional Nursery

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Gender neutral nursery using vintage and modern touches.

Design Inspiration

My goal was to create a peaceful, gender neutral nursery for our baby.

Decorating Style

Modern with vintage touches, always keeping the design peaceful and serene.

Project Details

We used Cumberland Fog paint (Behr) on the walls.  Some of the items we chose were from Etsy, Rosenberry Rooms, Target, Dwell Studio, to name a few.  We filled in with handmade gifts and childhood favorites.

Favorite Items

I love the mobile hanging over the rocker-it is colofrul and youthful without being too juvenile.  I also love the family peices I used-handmade quilt from my sister in law, picture of my mother holding me and vintage infant baseball cap.


Try not to purchase everything all at once--fill the room as you see fit.  It's much more fun to come across decor when you're not even looking for it.


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    I love the shelf and everything on it.  Where’d you get the H and the framed elephant?  

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    Thank you! 

    The mobile is by Blabla kids-I purchased it at Rosenberry Rooms.  The letter H is from Anthropologie and the elephant photo is from PetitCollage on Etsy. 

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    Adorable….where did you find the giraffe? I am looking for a large giraffe print, mural, or stuffed animal for my nursery. I love this!


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