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Gray and White Gender Neutral Nursery Tour


Since we still don't know boy or girl, we kept things fairly gender neutral and surprisingly it wasn't hard at all!  (Probably because I love greys and whites entirely too much!)  I'm so happy with the cloud-like feeling that wraps you up each time you enter the room. And believe me, I enter at least 10 times daily....I really do! Ask Michael. He thinks its weird :) To balance the whites and neutrals, I wanted to add lots of texture and touches of dark wood tones. And thankfully, our ebony hardwood floors were the perfect accent!

Design Inspiration

I didn't really set out with much of a theme, but I gradually fell in love with pieces here and there and watched it all come together, slowly but surely. It was so much fun to handpick each little treasure and trinket that made its way into this room. Many of them came from other places in the house, thrift stores, or from the attics of our own childhoods. I can't wait to share each of their stories with our little one.

Decorating Style

Understated elegance, soft and cozy.

Project Details

The lamp was a DIY version of one I'd seen at the flea market when we first found out we were expecting. Since I couldn't afford the $500 price tag, I found a similar column a few aisles over and brought it home to my hero of a husband who had it turned into a lamp in no time!

The gallery wall was really fun to create. Michael and I went through lots of our old baby pictures. He picked his favorites of me and I of him.  The winners made the wall along with a framed book page of Where the Wild Things Are (a favorite of Michael's growing up and a quick and inexpensive way to make great nursery art.) The bookshelf itself was a DIY - painted in chalk paint and backed in drop cloth.

Favorite Items

The crib: In the early months of pregnancy, I spent hours pouring over high end cribs online and in baby boutiques around Charlotte. There were so many beautiful ones; but none that I felt worthy of their very steep price tags. This one is from the Lolly & Me Collection and just HAPPENS to be named the "Ellery Crib" {Which also just happens to be the name of Baby K if she's a girl!!} I loved the clean lines and molding details on each end. Once I knew it was "the one," my sweet mother-in-law surprised me with it for my birthday. It arrived in no time and thankfully was a breeze to put together.The only problem was, it ended up being a little too cream in color for the all-white bedding. But nothing that a quick coat of non-toxic Annie Sloan Chalk Paint couldn't fix. The rocking chair: My favorite little nook with my one BIG splurge. I've seen this Empire Rocker by Nurseryworks in so many lovely nurseries and it seemed like the perfect chair for our space. The price tag, on the other hand, was intimidating at first. After several months of saving my pennies, though, it arrived at our doorstep and was JUST as perfect as I'd imagined. I can't wait to snuggle Baby K in that chair.


Make the room meaningful. Go on treasure hunts. Let the room come together naturally. Don't force it all together at once. Love the process!

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  1. […] I love the idea of a wooden ladder, and it's the perfect place to hang blankets and towels until the baby is mobile. See more photos of this room on Project Nursery! […]

  2. […] I love the idea of a wooden ladder, and it's the perfect place to hang blankets and towels until the baby is mobile. See more photos of this room on Project Nursery! […]

  3. […] I love the idea of a wooden ladder, and it's the perfect place to hang blankets and towels until the baby is mobile. See more photos of this room on Project Nursery! […]

  4. avatar Hayley says:

    Would love to find out where you got the ladder!

  5. avatar Nicole says:

    Simply stunning! WheRe did You Find the lAdder?

  6. avatar Kaitland says:

    I love your blinds(Bamboo?) Could you tell me where you got them as well as your baskets at the bottom of your closet. Thank you! Love the room

  7. avatar julie says:

    HI, Can you tell where the inboard is from or did you make it?


  8. avatar delamja says:

    Can you give the name of the paint color you used? Thanks!!

  9. avatar Kim Menard says:

    Love the whole room. Did you paint the ladder? If so, did you just use a whitewash? Also, what did you use to secure it to the wall?

  10. avatar MelC says:

    Beautiful neutral room. Where is the ladder from?

  11. avatar emily says:

    Hi Alisag-

    I was surprised, like you, at how cream the rocker looked when it arrived. In every picture I saw (including the ones I took), it reads much whiter. But it is truly a cream off-white. Now that it’s in the space, I like the contrast since we have a white crib, but it did take my by surprise.

    The side table can be found here:

    Hope this helps :)
    Thanks for looking and best of luck in your nursery!! I’m sure it will be gorgeous :)

  12. avatar alisag says:

    beautiful room! 2 questions for you….
    1. i have the empire rocker on order as well. I really wanted the cream color (I’m assuming that’s what yours is?) but when I got the fabric swatch it was much more beige (almost khaki) then it appeared in pictures and I decided to go for the slate. In your pictures, it looks very white though- what does the color look like in person? If it really is that white- I may call and change the order!

    2. can you send me the info and specs/dimensions on the side table that goes with the rocker? I’m trying to figure out what table to get but it’s hard without having the rocking chair delivered yet and I like the size and scope of yours…

    thanks so much! Great job!

  13. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    I love the photo wall. It’s like an inspiration board.

  14. avatar Kate says:

    Really beautiful room!