Furry, Calming and Cozy Nursery

  • Furry, Calming and Cozy Nursery
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To decorate Mia’s room, I spent  endless number of hours at Pinterest and project nursery, trying to discover a theme for the room that I would loved, it was difficult because I wanted something cute but not super feminine (all pink with flowers, etc). I wanted the nursery to be a cozy and calming space using neutral colors with a touch of pastels like pink and green mint. I also wanted to integrate “furry” animals like bears, sheep, cats, llamas and rabbits.

If you don´t like or don´t fit in a ¨theme¨ I recommend to make a collage with ideas and things that you like from different nurseries. 

I have lots of fun making lots of DIY´S details, such as the mobile, wall decoration, kitten pillow, basket tags and bow holder,  they have a special value for us. I´m sharing in my blog the tutorial and printables for the wall arts, mobile and wall decorations.


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