Funky Sock Monkey Nursery

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Bright C non-traditional sock monkey room

Design Inspiration

I really wanted something different and unique.I wasn't a fan of the traditional sock monkey decor so when I came across these bright monkeys and fabric I knew this was what I wanted. I had alot of fun creating this fun sock monkey room for my first baby boy.

Project Details

I color matched the paint from the blue in the sock monkey fabric. The adorable sock monkeys are from Seasons of Cannon Falls

The sock monkey fabric is by Moda I picked out my fabrics and placed an order at and told her exactly what I wanted and she was super easy to work with.

Favorite Items

My favorite things by far are the 2 quilts that were a gift from a family friend. She does super amazing work! 


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    Oh, I LOVE the personalized things! My husband and I did the same theme, but used the vintage monkeys instead! While I was doing ours, I came across so many of the things you have and got upset that the funky monkeys were available on so many accessories! It’s great to see them put to good use! Well done.

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    Simply lovely. I would tone down on the colors though, it seems that there are too much here

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    I love the soc monkey theme. I think the colors are beautiful. The room has a vintage look. Great job!

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