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Fun & Fresh Shower for Ariston


The goal was to match his shower to his main room colors! Gray, Yellow, and White with accents of Red. The shower ended up having a lot more red than is in his room but I love how it turned out!

Project Details

The fabric garland was an easy project, we just cut strips of fabric then created a pattern and tied each strand to a long piece of twine. We also chose to do a candy buffet so as guests would leave they could fill up a goodie bag.
(The invitations are from: Etsy shop- The Pink Coconut

Favorite Items

It's a tie between the fabric garland we made and the super cute diaper cake that was a gift from my best friend.


If you are crafty find cheap ways to create your decor....or find a friend that is crafty that can help! Also look for sales at craft stores! All of the (faux) flowers were purchased from Hobby Lobby during their flower sale.

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  1. avatar Lmphotos says:


    Thank you so much!!

  2. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Really nice colors you used here. Warm and earthy and subdued, with the pops of red giving it all a fun twist.

  3. avatar Lmphotos says:


    Thank you Kayley!! And thank you again for such a great invitation!! Can’t wait to see your nursery pictures soon! xo

  4. avatar kay8love says:

    Love it all! Everything looks adorable!