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Elizabeth’s Floral Pink Peony and Mint Nursery


I wanted to create a feminine, soft, colorful, and classic space for my little girl and I to enjoy. My hope is that it can be a room she will enjoy growing into as she becomes a young lady. I work as an interior designer and architect - this has been my favorite project so far and one I am most proud of!

Design Inspiration

The floral, peony wallpaper was the inspiration for the entire room. I fell in love with the wallpaper and the color palette it provided. It became easy to find furniture, fabric, artwork, and details that compliment it beautifully.

I pulled out other details like the butterflies and used them as artwork throughout the room.

Decorating Style

Eclectic, Contemporary, and Classic. I like to design spaces that combine something old/vintage (dresser and rocker), something simple with clean lines (crib and shelf), and something traditional (wallpaper and chandelier) to ground it.

The dresser was Elizabeth's grandfather's when he was a child; then it was used by her dad growing up; and now has been repainted with new hardware for her to use as she grows. I love that she is the third generation to use that one piece of furniture.

The rocking chair is Elizabeth's great-great grandmother's; I repainted and reupholstered it, all for under $150.

Project Details

Wallpaper: Antropologie

Hudson Crib: Babyletto

Chandelier: Pottery Barn Kids

Shelf: IKEA

Butterfly Art: Etsy

Scripture Art: Etsy

Favorite Items

The wallpaper is my favorite item in the space. I love that it is in the background of so many photos of Elizabeth.


The key to successfully designing an eclectic space is to try to keep each different style balanced and equal with each other; the goal is to not have just one style that stands out or dominates all of the others.

It is also helpful to have a lot of neutral colors (white furniture, cream carpet, wheat curtains) so the styles don't have to compete with one another, but can blend easily.

I find eclectic spaces very interesting and charming - having the freedom of several different styles combined also gives you the ability to swap out single items or furniture pieces over time and not disrupt the look of the space.

I also find it helpful to have one or two bold elements that set the tone (the wallpaper in this room; could be a bright colored crib, an impressive light fixture, a patterned rug, etc) and fill in around it with complimentary items.


Friday 17th of June 2016

Do you have any tips for applying the wallpaper? I'm about the purchase the same print!

Thank you!

Ginelle Bathauer

Friday 5th of February 2016

What wall color is this please? So pretty!!