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First Birthday – Hot Air Balloon Style


This was a wonderful outdoor party for a special little boy who turned 1. The main theme of the party was hot air balloons and we incorporated it into many of our decorations.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was Hot Air Balloons. Who doesn't love those? Every party needs balloons and we had a lot of them!

Decorating Style

My decoration style is very DIY. The candy cups, lower bunting, hot air balloon lanterns, and photo banner were all hand made.

Favorite Items

My favorite item was the candy cup favors. My mom did a wonderful job creating them and I was excited to fill them with the personalized M&M's.


You can't go wrong with balloons. There are so many ways to decorate with them! It's also very gender neutral...just personalize them with your own colors.

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  1. avatar NSvoqnes says:


    First Birthday – Hot Air Balloon Style – Project Nursery

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  3. avatar Rachel S says:

    May, you can personalize them on M&M’s website. It’s a little pricey but you can usually find a 10% off coupon online. I was also able to get an Amazon local deal.

  4. avatar Zen says:

    The cake reminds me of the animated film UP. It’s my absolute favorite movie!

  5. avatar May Mosley says:

    The balloon cake is pretty. How do you go about personalizing M&Ms? Are there others who do it for you?

  6. avatar Helen Crimmins says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!