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Fire Truck Themed Birthday Party


Fire truck themed 2nd birthday party.

Design Inspiration

Fire trucks and a little 'Pin-spiration'

Project Details

My son loves fire trucks.  So we did a fire truck themed 2nd birthday party.  Our colors were Red and Yellow.

Decor:  Invitations I made using my critcut machiene, Fire truck from 'Boys will be Boys' cartridge.  Coordinating banner with the same fire truck.   Red and Yellow latex balloons,  Fire themed latex and fire truck balloons purchased from and Ebay.  Treat table included red and yellow cupcakes with toppers I made and also from free printables from, Fire truck and fire hydrant cookies, Fireman Rope-aka-red vines, Various 'hot candies'...  Take home goodie bags were red and yellow paper saks with Fire truck ribbon purchased from Michaels.  Inside were fire themed items.  For the younger kids I had fire themed: stickers, pencils, tattoos, and a paddle ball- purchased from and For the tweens, I had fire themed edibles:  Flaming hot cheetos, fire jolly ranchers, big red gum, and hot tamales.  ....  I also had fire hats purchase from, and small fire trucks I purchased from the local dollar store w/ an attached tag I created.  Centerpieces were a firetruck with balloons attached.

Food:  Nacho Bar w/ Alarm Chili and Cheese and Jalepenos, Hot Dogs, Hot Links and individual bag Chips.  The Drink station which I called the 'Fire Extinguishers' included 'Fireman Fuel' which was red punch and yellow lemonade (Tip:  the night before I froze some lemonade and some punch in ice cube trays so that I could put in the drink canisters to keep cold without watering down).  Purchased Fire hydrant cups from for the kiddos and red/yellow paper cups for others.  Water bottles covered in free printables from ....  Plates/Napkins/Utensils were all coordinating red/yellow.

The Cake:  Our local grocery store makes cupcake-cakes w/ a print.  So they had a fire truck print on vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.  After we sang Happy Birthday we distributed the cupcakes to our guests.

Entertainment: We had a Fire Activity Station where kids could color fire pages printed from OCFA Kids Zone and also decorate Fire truck sugar cookies.

Favorite Items

Drink station- Firefighter fuel.

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  2. avatar bianca says:

    personalized kid gifts are the best. check out youniquelyu for more creative ideas.

  3. avatar Amy says:

    Hi… I got the shirt from Gymboree, and since I didn’t know how the weather would be, I bought the short and long sleeve from that line. I’m glad I did because I had to change him before the party was over and worked out great for cupcake pics :)

  4. avatar Ashley says:

    Where did you find that shirt? So cute!

  5. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    Nice! I wanted to do a firefighter-themed party for my son a few years ago, but I settled for another theme that was easier to “execute.” Had I known about those fire hydrant cups and the fireman hats, I would have pushed through with it.

  6. cute cake love it…xoxox

  7. avatar jennifer d says:

    too cute

  8. avatar Kristy says:

    I love how creative you are Amy….

  9. avatar PN_Sabrina says:

    I love the all the fun ways you tied this theme together!