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Finn’s Rustic Alaskan Hideaway


Finn's daddy and I met in Alaska and we wanted to create an Alaskan haven that reminded us of where we first met and so Finn could experience some Alaskan spirit.

Design Inspiration

All things Alaska. Mountains. Recycled wood. Earthy tones. Outdoors. Plaid.

Decorating Style

Rustic, vintage, earthy.

Project Details

We spent many months planning and creating Finn's nursery. We slowly gathered different ideas and elements we liked and in time it came together. The room has a wood paneling that covers half the wall in the room which we decided to paint a light gray and the top part of the wall is a light earthy green. The paint we used was Valspar but I can't remember the names of the paint. The first item we bought for the nursery was the white ceramic moose head from Zgallerie, it fits perfectly in the little window nook and really adds a lot to the room. We bought the crib from Walmart, I chose it because of the cherry wood color. It is called the Graco Charleston. The dresser we purchased from a consignment shop in Salt Lake called The Old Flamingo, we also got the vintage lantern sitting on top of the dresser there. The wooden rocker was purchased from a thrift store in Salt Lake. The  sheepskin rug is from Ikea as well as the rocking moose that we painted brown (originally red).  The wall hanging is actually an Alaskan souvenir tablecloth I bought on Ebay. The lamp on the dresser is from Land of Nod (don't you just love the wood grain print?) The tree next to the crib is actually plastic, we bought it at a wholesale home decor store called Tai Pan Trading. The light switch plate was purchased on Etsy, the shop is called VintageSwitchPlates.


Now for all the DIY pieces:

The curtains were made from linen I bought at JoAnn's. We made the curtain rods from long wood poles that we stained and hung them with knotted rope. The pennant light hanging in the corner was quite the project. We bought the lamp shade and lamp cord (called the Hemma) at Ikea and I covered the lamp shade with burlap then wrapped the white cord with hemp twine (very time consuming). We found an old pallet, cut off both ends, sanded them down, added a panel to the bottom to hold the books and screwed it to the wall, pretty easy and so cute! I made all the pillows in the room using plaid fabric, burlap, and wool felt. The crib skirt is burlap, I didn't even sew it, I measured out one long strip, duct taped it to the spring and placed the mattress on top. The plaid quilt was made by me a few years ago, it has pictures of us in Alaska. The gallery wall, oh how I love gallery walls, I used the newspaper technique to hang them. Cut out pieces of newspaper the exact size of the frames, arrange them how you want then tape them all together and then tape that on the wall and slowly take each piece away as you hang the picture in the correct spot. The oar with Skagway carved into it was actually found in Skagway, Alaska where we met and we took turns carving it out while we were there. I'm glad we hung onto it cause it looks great in the gallery wall. For DIY tips and how to projects visit my blog at

Favorite Items

The pallet shelves- they add so much to the room and make it rustic.

The pennant lamp- it makes the corner so cozy, I can't wait to read little Finn books under it.


I find it best to choose a theme, whether that be a color theme, character theme, etc. Also just go with your gut, if you can't decided whether something looks good or if it goes with your theme, sit back and let it marinate for a while then make a decision. 


Thursday 1st of March 2012

I love the pop of bright green and I absolutely love the tree!!


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

Such a beautiful room! I used to picture ice, Eskimos, caribous, igloos, and huskies (and Sarah Palin) when I hear Alaska. But I guess there's so much more to it, as you have shown through these photos.


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

Wonderful colors. Love the fresh green and the browns, and the blue, too. Everything is light and bright and homey. So this is what Alaska feels like....