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Finley’s Room


A nautical Inspired room for baby Finley Jacob.

Design Inspiration

We knew as soon as we were having a boy that we wanted his room to be themed nautical. My husband and I enjoy boating and the outdoors, we really wanted to carry our passion through to his decor. We hope its something he will love as much as we do someday.

Decorating Style

We work on a tight budget so the style tends to be somewhat eclectic. We love pottery barn and coastal living, using both as an inspiration we tried to recreate things we've seen in those publications.

Project Details

The things that we love most about the room were things we made ourselves. The rope shelves were something we saw in pottery barn for $70 retail and we were able to make them ourselves for under $30. We used boat cleats purchased at a marine supply store to hang the boat artwork above the crib. The "eyebrow" above the window was constructed by my husband. I love how the tin roof makes you feel like you could almost be outside.  

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the vintage boat throw cushion that we use as a pillow for the rocking chair. It was found by a friend in his storage shed. It adds tons of character and didnt cost us anything.


Get creative. It doesnt have to be expensive to look cool. Bring the outdoors in by using unexpected textures and items.


Monday 1st of August 2011

You sure are creative, judging from the unique and interesting items you have in the room and which you made yourselves. Like for example the artwork with boat cleats, the "reversed" window roof, and the rope shelf.