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Felipe’s Baby Shower


It's a baby shower using bright colors (orange, green and blue).

Design Inspiration

Summer was my inspiration. I think it's difficult to prepare a party for boys. It's always about animals or transportation. I imagined something different...and it worked!!!

Decorating Style

My decorating style is modern and clean.

Project Details

When I found out my best friend and sister Juliana was pregnant with her firstchild, my immediate reaction was to start planning her shower. We talked about it every day.


So I started working in the project. I saw this ribbon topiary and tried to do something different. Then I used the idea to do the wreath.


The table was so big and I used cups and plates like supports for snacks. The treats included brigadeiro, beijinho, passion fruit mousse, colored peanuts, marshmallows, chewing gun and the snacks were tuna dip and olive dip with toast, cheese balls and other snacks.


For the centerpiece of the table there was a teapot and two cups with candies inside them.


On the walls and on the table were yarn balls and flag garland. The party favors were chocolate cupcakes.





Party Styling - Aline Pimentel -


Printables - Rafael Kirov -


Photography- Rafael Kirov -

Favorite Items

It was the ribbon wreath. I really loved it!


Wednesday 25th of April 2012

I really love the colors! Love the wreath and the felt Felipe. And I am really curious about your food. Their names sound very interesting!