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Farmhouse Modern


Modern Farmhouse

Design Inspiration

Outside a Farmhouse

Decorating Style

Modern, Clean, simple

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  1. avatar Julie says:

    hello! Just curious… were you able to find the guardrails that were sold separately that went with this crib? It said they were sold through the manufacturer, I’m assuming from Dwell Studio? Since it was made for Target I wasn’t sure. Thanks for your help!

  2. avatar Anna says:

    Wish you would make/sell the stools and the bird mobiles too! Beautiful nursery.

  3. avatar Meghan says:


    I love the room!! Where did you get the modular shelving??

  4. avatar Christine says:

    Gorgeous!! You’re room design is such an inspiration. I love the birds mobile, such a nice touch!

  5. avatar wenbow says:

    Simply marvelous!

  6. avatar jhiner1978 says:

    My Wife made the Birds and I made the rest, this is where we got the idea



  7. avatar dclmomma says:

    Hi! Love the room so much! Wondering if you could tell me where the mobile came from? I love the birds!

  8. avatar jhiner1978 says:

    Yes the changing table and cubby-shelves are form IKEA, the fabric was bought this past summer at TJ Maxx we found a full size and twin and are saving the twin for when she moves to a twin bed

  9. avatar babybeeforburgin says:

    Hello… Sorry about all the questions…:).

    I know you said in your previous comment that you took a quilt and made it into the blanket and chair fabric that you purchased from TJ Maxx. Did you purchase a long time ago? I’m guessing probably yes:). It looks like it would be one of those one-of-kind type finds. We can’t have everything exactly as your nursery:))) Where would the fun be in that? Did you find your cubby-shelves from Ikea?


  10. avatar prettyngreen says:

    I love, love, love the stools!!!

  11. avatar babybeeforburgin says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! And thanks for all of the great inspritation! This has been a huge help to get my creative juices flowing. Thanks for telling us about where everything came from. Great job again on the room.


  12. avatar yvette says:

    thanks. i’am looking for fabric and can’t find that kind of upholstery fabric that you used on the quilt and chair where i live. do you mind me asking where you bought it ? or where i can find it? i’ve been on line searching for similar colors and no luck! bty, CONGRATS!

  13. avatar jhiner1978 says:

    The crib bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids.  Brooke.  I believe that they only carry it online.  The quilt hanging over the edge of the crib was part of a full sized quilt found at TJ Maxx.  Half of it is the quilt and the other half is the upholstery on the rocking chair.

  14. avatar yvette says:

    where did you get the crib bedding? absolutely gorgeous!

  15. avatar jhiner1978 says:

    Hello sorry I havent commented on the everything. Everly was Born on Monday so i havent been online for a bit.

    So to answers some of the questions about the room

    Paint is called Blue Cosmos from Sherwin Williams, I love their paint

    The Crib is Dwell Studio for Target Silver Lake Convertible Crib 2nd Edition in Natural/White

    The light came from a hardware store here called Menards, it was a floor model that was on sale so im not sure were you can find it now.

    I made the toad stools myself, but have been thinking about making a few to sell.

    The Farm house siding was inspired buy some pictures I found on apartment therapy about beach houses and weekend getaways. There were a few rooms that had siding on the inside and liked the idea. I found the siding from a guy who was like 90 and used to buy old farm houses and reclaim all the materials. The place in Newman Grove NE. called B & M Antiques

    Thanks for the comments


  16. avatar babybeeforburgin says:

    Does anyone know where you can find the crib? Or did anyone hear back about what paint color was used or how to find out?

    :: thank you ::

  17. avatar babybeeforburgin says:

    great job on the room! The farmhouse inspiration is very warm and inviting:). Can I ask where you found it?

  18. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    I just love the chandelier/light you have there.  Where did you find that?

  19. avatar Andrika says:

    Beautiful room and a great use of space.  The light fixture and wood shingle wall accent make the room!  Well done! 

  20. avatar crispbug says:

    Love this room! this is exactly the feeling I would like to create in my own nursery. What paint color/ brand did you use pretty please??

  21. avatar danicasnyder says:

    I love the colors and artwork.  I especially love the light fixture!  Where did you find it?  Beautiful.

  22. avatar cottonlily says:

    Very nice room, nursery or not! The colors mingle well. The wood flooring is beautiful and really grounds all the white. This is one of very few nurseries where the crib seems to belong under the window. The light fixture is such a subtle but excellent detail and the mere fact that it’s not a chandelier is refreshing! The use of the birds is well incorporated with the colors and patterns. Aside from the tree stencil/sticker (just not a fan of any) I like it all!

  23. avatar Amity says:

    OMG! This is one lovely room.  From the color alone, it looks nice.   And it looks really simple yet the details are striking!

  24. avatar mama4 says:

    I love the mushroom stools! Where they purchased or did you make them?

  25. avatar aadams224 says:

    This room is great! I would love to use this paint color for my nursery. Can you please tell me what the paint color and brand is?

  26. avatar sarad says:

    I LOVE your room! What color paint did you use?