DIY Fall-Themed Baby Shower

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I threw a co-ed baby shower this October for my very best friend in the whole world and her husband who are expecting their first baby, a boy, in December. We've been friends since 7th grade and I'm pretty sure I've been planning her baby shower in my head since then. I had so much fun planning a fall-themed party full of personal touches, yummy homemade food, and lots of love.

Design Inspiration

I wanted the vibe to feel pretty and classic, and not too "baby-centric." I collected Autumn-themed decorations from craft and thrift stores over several months and added personal touches like the couple's maternity photos, handmade decorations, and homemade food to make it feel warm and inviting.

Decorating Style

I love an eclectic, casual, and inviting look. My second home is Goodwill. I never know what treasures I'll find and I have so much fun incorporating different looks and styles and eras together.

Project Details

Almost everything was either found second-hand (platters, cake stands, chalkboard frames, vases, vintage blocks), at Michael's craft stores (fall garland and cardboard letters), or handmade (banners, favor jars, leaf "chandelier", embellished onesies). It helped me to start planning early. I had plenty of time to scour my favorite haunts for unique decor items and make special decor pieces that doubled as gifts for the couple. Flowers were sourced from local grocery stores and arranged by me.

Favorite Items

I think the dessert table is my favorite. I just love the way it turned out. A bit vintage, a lot pretty, and extremely yummy! I also love, love, love the invitations. They're from Ashlee at Scriptiva Paper ( She was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her products/services!


As a part time wedding planner as well, my best advice is to start early, don't be afraid to change your mind along the way, but always remember your initial vision. It's very easy to get sidetracked or go overboard (i.e. overspend). But keep in mind what the event is all about: celebrating a wonderful new life. In the end, good food and good people are all you really need. :)


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    This is a great idea, were using this theme for my shower this weekend. Its such a pretty season and the mixture of colors makes it so much fun!!!!

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