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Fairy Party


This whimsical Sweet Station was designed for a little girls birthday party. The guests filled their custom favor boxes with international sweets, butterfly topped Sweet Skewers and mini desserts. They enjoyed face painting and getting their fortune told by the great Fairy Goblinfly.

Design Inspiration

The detailed, hand painted fairies and moss mushrooms were the inspiration.

Decorating Style

Personalized, whimsical and imaginative.

Project Details

One of the best DIY backdrops is...tulle! You can hang it behind any table for instant whimsy and to help create a separate space for your Sweets, gift table, or anything else. If you don't have a stand, simply use fishing line to hang your backdrop. PVC pipping works as well.

Favorite Items

I love handmade cake stands!


Make everything easily accessable for little ones. Smaller vessels and mini desserts are best. You can easily cover styrofoam blocks with moss using spray adhesive to give your table more of a woodland fairy feel. Stick to a simple color palette and let your fairy figurines or hanging decor be the focal point.

*This signature fairy party will be available in June for purchase as a complete package.


Friday 18th of February 2011

I love how you made the sweet station's covering look like a tutu!   The backdrop really made the whole thing look surreal and whimsical at the same time.  I love this party theme!