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Ewan’s 1st Birthday Party


Blue and Orange. Orange, because it is my favorite color. Together with blue it made for the perfect, welcoming, vibrant, happy, celebratory combination!
Submitted by : Katrina Lohman

Design Inspiration

Project Nursery... of course! Especially Henry's orange party...

Project Details

Lanterns: World Market
Tableware: Party City
Buckets: Target $1 bin
Cupcake Accessories: JoAnn's
Matching party planner skirt: Old Navy


Sticking with a color theme was the easiet way to make a big impact. Plus, it was super fun to grab stuff here and there for months leading up to the party. Every time I came across something blue or orange, like the buckets from the Target $1 bins, I'd snatch em right up... score!