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Evie and Eliza’s Monkey Mayhem 2nd Birthday


My girls have what we like to call a "monkey problem".... no princesses or tea parties here, just monkeys!  I decided awhile back that for their 2nd birthday we would go all out, especially since we were in the middle of a move for their 1st birthday.  With every new party item that came in the mail, Evie and Eliza would excitedly yell, "I nonkey pahty!"

Design Inspiration

The girls got pink, red, and brown monkey rain boots for Christmas.  That was my starting point!  I wanted girly monkeys and threw in some aqua to punch it up.

Decorating Style

Modern/vintage is the best way to describe how I decorate and craft!

Project Details

I was SO excited to make my own invitations on (coincidentally) PicMonkey!  I googled "girl monkey" and found a clip art to use.  I also used them throughout the decorating and with the plantable monkey wildflower favors.

Monkey Boots: Target

Pinata: Amazon

Monkey Plates: Amazon

Custom Monkey Dresses: Auntie Donna's Local Business

Plantable Monkey Favors: Recycledideas on Etsy

Girl Monkey Birthday Cake Clay Toppers: PeeWeesClayHouse

Monkey Ribbons: The Ribbon Retreat

Stuffed Monkeys: Target

Monkey Kid Cups: Amazon

Lanterns, Pom Poms, Balloons and Streamers: Target and Hobby Lobby


Favorite Items

It's a toss up between their monkey dresses, (which I had to hide from them until the party in fear that they would stain them!!) or the cake toppers.  I was so excited to find cute, clay ones I could personalize and have a small loop added to keep it for years as a Christmas tree ornament!  The garland across the mantle includes fabric scraps cut from their crib skirts, featured in their nursery here, that were no longer being used.


Instead of feeling like you have to use whole sets of party packages, find small amounts that you can add to in order to personalize your party.  I included a few things and ideas from the "Mod Monkey" series, but used other flower monkeys to include the colors I wanted.  I had LOTS of fun making the invitations, thank you favor cards, and the birthday banner digitally on Pic Monkey without paying someone far more talented than me online to make them!  ;)