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Everlee Joy’s Coral, Gold and White Nursery


For the last few years I've been scouring Project Nursery & Pinterest for nursery ideas, dreaming about the day I'd get to set up our own! When we found out we were having a girl, I couldn't wait to start putting it together! I knew I wanted to use primarily Coral, Gold, & White for the color scheme and was inspired by the crib quilt I found from Little Unicorn. We live in military housing so there's a limit as to what we can change to the room, but overall our daughter's nursery turned out to be the bright, girly, colorful space I was hoping for!

I loved finding little ways to personalize Everlee's nursery! Here are some ways I did that:

DIY Floral Crib Mobile- Pinterest project! Super fun & easy and I was able to purchase all the supplies while Hobby Lobby had all their floral supplies priced at 50% off.  Here's the link.

Framed "E"- The white frame is a vintage picture frame that belonged to my Granny. I removed the glass and hot glued faux spray roses onto paper to create the "E"

Prints- For the collage wall 3 of the "prints" are actually greeting cards that I received from friends at our baby shower! They were so cute & just happened to match her nursery colors perfectly! I framed them & voila! Adorable, cheap, personalized wall decor!

Knit Coral Blanket- my talented sister in law knit this beautiful blanket that I have draped over the rocking chair. I love that it matches her room & was specially made with love! Can't wait to cuddle baby girl up in this!

Books- we bought used at Hastings & from Amazon while trying to conceive. Now our baby girl has a ready made library!

Nightstand- I wanted a functional, comfortable nursing space in the nursery knowing endless hours would be spent there! I have the nightstand drawers stocked with burp cloths, nursing pads, snacks & my tablet with a stand and charger. Something tells me Netflix is going to be a lifesaver during those middle of the night feeding sessions!


Sarah Dennis

Friday 15th of July 2016

This room is beautiful!! I love all the colors. I'm dying to know where you got the bumper for the crib? I've been on the hunt for one like that with the coral edges!!!

Granny Sandy

Sunday 10th of July 2016

Oh, Torie ~ Everlee Joy will be in love with HER room! No doubt this will be her haven ~ yours, too for quite some time ~ and the neat thing is... if you and Noah are stationed elsewhere, all of the lovely projects, making her room so special, can be transferred to another room. She'll have her "stuff" and will always feel at home.

You did beautiful, thoughtful work, honey, and obviously done with such love (let alone talent.. :`> ). What a lucky kiddo! Love, Granny Sandy


Friday 8th of July 2016

what a great job you have done. I love Everlee's room. I can't wait to see Everlee, you and Noah!

I love you!