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Ethan’s Blue and Boxes


The room is DIY and incorporates old and new pieces of furniture.  We also wanted to keep it simple so we are able to change it as he grows and his interests change.

Design Inspiration

My husband saw the wallpaper on a HGTV show, Property Brothers.  I knew I wanted the other  walls to be blue.

Decorating Style

Modern, clean lines.

Project Details

The wallpaper is from  You can also draw/color/paint this wallpaper, we were originally going to put pictures in the boxes but decided we liked it the way it is.   The paint is from Sherwin Williams.  The crib was from babies r us (not sure it is still available).  Dresser and night stand from a local store.  The bookshelf came from my Granny, which has seen multiple coats of paint.  The lion rug, I think, came from Kohl's, my mother-in-law gave it to me.  Bedding = Target

Favorite Items

The three animals on the wall that my in-laws made before our son was even born.  The growth chart we found in Maine while my husband was on temporary assignment at a local strawberry festival.


I am not sure that we will ever do wallpaper again, very time consuming and we only did one wall.  Granted this was our first time hanging wallpaper and the wallpaper did not come already glued.  We had to mix up glue and apply it on each piece vs just soaking in water and hanging.  I will also say make sure you "size" your walls.  Have fun!  Keep it simple so that as they grow the room is easy to change with them.


Saturday 24th of December 2011

I have to agree! That wallpaper is really beautiful in its simple design and simple colors. I also like the room's simplicity and clean look. These make it flexible and ready for whatever elements you need to add as the kid grows.


Tuesday 20th of December 2011

Thanks, I will try and take a better picture and post it tonight. I did not realize that we did not have a good picture of that wall.

Tasha Cune

Tuesday 20th of December 2011

I really like the wallpaper design/pattern! Wish you had a close-up though.