Esme’s Ethereal Escape

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As soon as I learned I was having a baby girl, I was so excited to start her nursery! Though we didn't have a name for her yet, I knew exactly what I wanted in a nursery. I wanted the room to be modern and have a touch of sophistication and maturity so that it could transition into a small child's bedroom and potentially a teenager’s bedroom.

I began with purchasing a canvas print that I loved that featured all of my favorite colors. It was my source of inspiration and centerpiece to work off of. The colors I wanted to use throughout her room were turquoise, blush, pink, mauve, fuchsia, and my favorite, dark teal. I also wanted to have accents of gold and crystals throughout the nursery for that modern touch. I also didn’t have a specific theme, but I included a few touches of clouds, hot air balloons, and flowers, which I love!

My biggest advice and tip is to create an inspiration board of what you’d like your nursery to look like. I found some items online and color schemes and simply printed them out and cut them up to make a collage. It was a great way to bring it with me to stores or refer back to for online shopping.

I would also say “less is more.” There were items that I purchased that I returned because the space felt too cluttered or they didn’t flow with the space like I thought they would. A lot of the items in the nursery are also budget friendly, and I only splurged on one or two items.

Lastly, get creative! I didn't like the knobs that the dresser came with. So, I swapped them out! The crystal curtain panel that I purchased, I had to cut in half. So, I did!

I absolutely love the end result! My husband jokes that I created the room I always wanted but never had! I’m ecstatic to create memories in the room with our baby girl, Esme. We chose her name an hour after she was born! :)


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