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E’s First Birthday


I wasn't planning on making a big deal for "the second's" birthday, but then I felt guilty, so at midnight, I crept into the basement to collect things I had laying around to decorate and make our small little gathering a little more special.

Design Inspiration

Our dining room is charcoal gray (my favorite), and I wanted the colors to lay off of it.  So, I gathered pale pink crepe paper, white tulle, and anything silver that was leftover from Christmas!  

Decorating Style

Simple, modern, and...gray!

Project Details

Crepe paper streamers-Party City.


I just cut these at varying lengths, and scotch taped them to the ceiling.  You couldn't even see the tape but you could use pretty pins or washi tape too.


White tulle-Party City.


EDEN glitter sign-I got mine from Tinsel Trading, but if you had time and patience you could perhaps make these as well.


 Since Eden's name is only four letters, I splurged!  I hung the letters with simple white and silver yarn, then added extra knot ties to make it seem purposeful.


Silver tray for candy bar-West Elm.


I use this little gem for everything from holiday decorations to service for dinner to of course candy bar server!  It's large and super nice looking.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Spring%202012%20D1%20Billboards-_-


For the candy bar itself, which I tend to do for every kid party, I just got to my local grocery store, and load up on things in the color scheme.  


In this case I scored amazing peppermint malt balls (so yummy), vanilla meringues (which I love but no kids ate!), yogurt covered pretzels (the healthy treat?), black and white cookies, and the rock candy lollies were also from Party City--and they were super cheap.  I always have dum dums around, and so should any suitable parent.  Hee. I put all the candies in whatever glass vessels I had around the house.


Drink Bar glasses and straws-Specialty Bottle and Sweet Lulu respectively.


I use these bottles and striped straws at every party too, so I also had them on hand.  I serve water or mimosas in them.  They work better for guests if they are pre-filled.






Utensil Containers-IKEA.  


Again, use these babies for everything I ever do.  They are clean, white.  Can't go wrong.


Chocolates with Eden's picture--Prints on Chocolates.  


I sent them a picture of her, and voila, they produced chocolates with her on them.  I put one in each kid's goodie bag.        



Then I made what I called fancy ham sandwiches.  I made a ham, sliced it, and served with various breads, avocado, edam cheese, radishes, and assorted greens so people could make their own.  It worked out really well, and there wasn't a piece of ham left.  What does everyone love ham?


I also served a roasted brussel sprout salad I got from Wegman's, traditional potato salad, and then some assorted apps like my Mom's shrimp salad mold made from the original tupperware back in the 60's.  It was a hit.


I made strawberry cupcakes a few nights before--again at about 1:30 a.m. I don't sleep.  I did ice them, but only half the pics have them iced. The recipe is here:


We also ordered 24 cupcakes from Goergetown Cupcake in Bethesda, MD.  I waited in line for 30 minutes while I was pregnant with Eden to get these, so they've always been close to my heart and my butt.  My favorite flavor from there is key lime, but I love them all.



Favorite Items

I have a cupcake tower that isn't shown perfectly in the shots that I have used for every shower, party, diner party, outdoor BBQ we've ever had.  I bought it about seven years ago at Pottery Barn, and they still carry it!  It's perfect for cupcakes, desserts, drinks, favors, etc.


I have planned many parties.  My other daughter's first birthday took me four months to plan, and I had everything just so.  However, this time around, I had less time with the holidays close, so I just used my instincts and rolled with what I had around the house.  I also simplified the menu, and for the first time, I wasn't stuck in the kitchen cooking and prepping the whole time.  The meal was ready to go when people arrived, and didn't need perfect timing.  


Tuesday 31st of January 2012

More often than not, we go overboard on our first child's first birthday because we're excited and we want to mark and celebrate the huge milestone with a bang. And then our second child comes along and we realize we can still celebrate his or her first birthday without the same hoopla and without having to spend as much as we did previously. We realize memories will still be wonderful no matter how we celebrate it. But then guilt strikes us for playing favorites, so we end up going overboard again.


Saturday 28th of January 2012

Pretty good for a "quickie" birthday party. Just goes to show that you can still create something nice and beautiful even with less planning time. All that's needed is a bit of creativity.