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EOS Baby Shower Favors


I had a blast making these EOS lip balm favors for a sweet mama-to-be's shower festivities.

Design Inspiration

There are a lot of EOS templates out there for fun, creative favours and I thought the shape of the lip balm would make the perfect pregnant belly :)

Project Details

EOS lip balm products and printed cardstock!


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  1. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Wendee, The original did not share a template, but since then similar printables have become available on Etsy. We link one on the page here.

  2. avatar Diana says:

    Yes. Wendee
    You can find it here and you can customize Mom-to-be’s hair /eye/ dress color.

  3. avatar Wendee Chastine says:

    I see many have asked for the templet, is this something we can purchase? If so where?

  4. avatar Candice says:

    Is there a template for women of other races?

  5. avatar Catherine says:

    Hey all,
    I went on to Word. I have 2013 so the steps might be just a little different for each. I did Insert Online Pic, searched for Pregnant woman art free (you can do this on google image search and just copy paste image). Selected the image i liked and inserted. Then I inserted a text box (be sure to change the text box fill to “unfilled/no color) and same for the text box outline color if your image has a colored background like mine did).
    Took me more time to find an image I liked than to create the whole thank you note. Once I got one i liked you can copy and paste to create 2 to a page or more depending on how big you want your pics/cards (I used landscape and did 2 per page).

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  7. avatar Brianna says:

    Where can i download the templates ??? Desperately need these for my shower this weekend!!!!

  8. avatar Terri Lewe says:

    Where do I buy this?

  9. avatar Jennifer natale says:

    Where can I find this template? This idea is adorable?

  10. avatar Catherine says:

    I found similar but not exactly this look.

  11. avatar colleen says:

    Did anyone find the template?


  12. avatar Jessy says:

    Please tell me where to buy this template in the mint green. Thanks!

  13. avatar Catherine says:

    Where to get this Templates?

  14. avatar Karen says:

    How do I get your wonderful template because this would be so appropriate for a January baby shower? Lip gloss and cold weather go together so well here in Minnesota.

  15. avatar monique says:

    I love this idea and was wondering where i can find these templates ? please respond! !

  16. avatar Laura says:

    Could you please, please, please! tell me where I could order this for my dear friends baby shower? It is a nautical theme and these would be so beyond perfect. I am unable to find anything as nice as this.

  17. avatar Dana says:

    You should definitely sell these! I would buy them from you!!

  18. avatar Meghan says:

    Contact Diana Maria Studio on Etsy
    She bought the design and made them for me. She’s fantastic!

  19. avatar Tiffany says:

    I was looking for the template as well, and I found some. Google…. EOS template for baby shower favors. Then there are a number of them to pick from you can download them and they also tell you what you need exactly to do the project

  20. avatar lrfarber says:

    pintsizeinteriors, I’m in the same boat as Meghan. I would be more than happy to pay for your template if you don’t mind sharing. Would also love to know the exact dimensions to ensure I could ultimately print properly. Thanks again and such cute work!

  21. avatar Meghan says:

    pintsizeinteriors, I’m obsessed with your template as I’m throwing a “bring a book” shower for my sister. I haven’t ordered the similar one on Etsy because I’m a perfectionist and can’t get over the fact that your template is more suitable for my theme. Would you please consider sharing, even privately? I will absolutely pay for your time and the product.

  22. avatar pintsizeinteriors says:

    Sorry for the late response ladies! Thanks for your interest! This was actually my own DIY project for a good friend’s shower. I really loved the free printable mentioned above but decided the EOS lip balm would make a perfect pregnant belly instead. I’ve noticed some very similar templates on Etsy since posting this DIY. Maybe one day soon I’ll start my own Etsy page with more great ideas :)

  23. avatar Beth says:

    Hi all, Since the owner of this project is not responding, I thought I’d share the free printable we have on Project Nursery that also uses an EOS lip balm. in case you wanted to do something similar.

  24. avatar Erin says:

    I seriously love this! Where can I get this template. I would love to do this for mine that’s soon :)

  25. avatar marie says:

    I love this so creative! How can I go about getting a template ?

  26. avatar Jenn says:

    can I purchase the template from you?

  27. avatar Abby says:

    Please send me the template ! It’s an awesome idea thank you

  28. avatar Theresa says:

    I would love the template for this project!!! Is there a website I can find it on, thank you?

  29. avatar tricia says:

    I also would LOVE the template for this.

    Is there a website i could get it from?

  30. avatar Shelly says:

    Where can I get the template for this?

  31. avatar Jackie says:

    I was also wondering where I could find that template? Is it adorable! Is there somewhere we can buy it? Thanks!

  32. avatar Martha says:

    Where did you find this template? I also searched online and cannot find it anywhere and love this idea! I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

  33. avatar Krisat says:

    Where did you find this template? I searched online and cannot find it anywhere. I love this idea!

  34. avatar Sarah Dattola says:

    Where is the template for this? How do I buy it?

  35. avatar Nancy Sutton says:

    can you tell,e where you got the picture or template for this. Or, if you have a template could you send it to me? Thanks!