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Enchanted Wonderland Inspired Baby Shower


This lovely event was a baby shower for a client who is in love with all things from the traditional Alice in Wonderland movie.  We focused on the tea party  and went with a vintage feel. 

Design Inspiration

The hostess of the shower told us that the mommy-to-be loved the tea party, rabbit and of course Alice’s blue dress.  We used this as inspiration in designing and planning this beautiful baby shower for her.  The dessert table is very simple and stunning.   It sits on top of a blue dresser!

Decorating Style

The decorations for this event was enchanting and vintage.  We used all formal china and vintage crystal. 

Project Details

{Welcome Station} Let's begin with the welcome table.  Here we made this over sized K with crepe paper rosettes.  We framed the beautiful invitation and also placed one of our thrift store finds, a baby carriage ($4), that a little spray paint spruced up on the table.  It was the perfect prop for our favors!  

{The Decor}  Even though this shower was tea party inspired, we wanted to create an environment for relaxed conversation and openness.  We stayed away from the formal traditional placesetting that you typically find at a tea party and created little vignettes throughout the room.  We stacked tea cups and plates that I found in a vintage store for .25 a piece!  What a steal.... ;) 

{The Desserts}  When coming up with the design for this shower, instantly the idea of a blue dresser covered with lace came to mind.  We love using props in our events and the concept of a blue dresser had been on the list (check), so we were thrilled when we were finally able to execute it.  The antique dresser was found at a local thrift store for $15 dollars! It was pretty banged up but for another $20 dollars, we gave it new life!  It is amazing what you can do when you with a little TLC.   So we refinished it and painted it an aqua blue color. I placed some beautiful Chantilly lace fabric over top to give a vintage feel.  The desserts topped the dresser included a topsy-turvy cake, strawberry whoppie pies served on mirrors, chocolate dipped pretzels all placed in front of a beautiful wall of paper pom poms.  We wanted to keep it simple and stunning.  It turned out amazing

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the blue dresser!  It was such a major find for $15.  Some sand paper, elbow grease and a quart of paint completely gave it new life!  My second favorite item is the baby carriage and how we used it to put the cupcake favors in, what a metophor...cupcakes in a carriage!


Don't be afraid to shop in thrift stores for props, you can find  unbelievable finds.


Tuesday 11th of October 2011

I'm not sure if it has that Alice in Wonderland feel to it (I admit I haven't seen the traditional or the original Alice in Wonderland movie), but I just love the elements in this party. Love the carriage with cupcakes, the K with crepe paper rosettes, the stacked teacups, the invite, and the cake.


Friday 7th of October 2011

Oops, sorry... I see more photos now. I guess it was just technical glitch on my part when the rest of the photos didn't show. Anyway, I think the pompoms look so sweet, the cake so pretty, and the blue dresser absolutely gorgeous!


Friday 7th of October 2011

I think placing those cupcake favors in that cute little white crib is an adorable idea. I just wish you posted photos of the other party details, too.