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Emory Patrick’s Nursery


#3 (expected in November) needed a place to lay his little head at night.

Design Inspiration

The bedding was the inspiration for this room.

Decorating Style


Project Details

The bedding, lamp, wall hangings and hamper are all 'Dino-Mite' by Cocalo. The bed and dresser are Sorelle Verona.


to ensure your colors dont 'bleed' when painting stripes of any sort, first take a plastic puddy knife and go over all the tape you've placed on the wall. MAKE SURE THE TAPE IS ALL THE WAY PRESSED ON THE WALL. Promptly remove after your 2nd coat of paint.


Sunday 10th of February 2013

I love the green! What color is it?


Thursday 20th of September 2012

Soothing colors. I like the way you accentuated the walls.