Emmie’s Whimsy Chic Nursery

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this is emmie's nursery. i wanted to create something fun yet, somewhat sophisticated.

Design Inspiration

i think the first item i had was the rug... everything else just eventually fell into place.

Decorating Style

modern whimsy chic

Project Details

etsy.com chiasso.com westelm.com ikea.com worldmarket.com

Favorite Items

i believe the combination of all the pieces make the room. i don't necessarily have one favorite. however, i love the west elm silk panels (and i'm secretly waiting for emmie to want to redecorate so i can have them in our room!) and sheers from world market.


find your statement piece, and go off of that. every great room is always a work in progress.


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    I really love those cute flowers on the walls, and the “fish tank” you have on her crib :)

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    love the room…I’m having a girl in the spring and love the color green…where did you find those prints above her changing table/dresser? so cute!

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    i should actually change my favorite item(s) to these prints! i fell in love with them when i saw them on landofnod.com, but got really lucky when i found that this artist also sells them on etsy as well as her own website (for much less!). i bought inexpensive frames at joann fabrics; and had both framed for under the cost of one of them at landofnod.com. adorable, aren’t they!?



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    I adore this room too.  I think that it’s FABULOUS!!! I would add in more lighting though, it seems too dark, or maybe that’s just because of the pictures?

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    rugsusa.com!  after falling in love with one on restoration hardware baby that was way too expensive, i googled my other options and found this website.  if you sign up for the mailing list, they send great coupon codes to apply on top of their already super discounted pricing.  i got this plush rug, 6×9, for $160 with free shipping!  i would totally buy from them again!

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    I absolutely love your nursery!  Do you happen to remember the name of the rug?  It looks like it would go wonderfully with the nursery I am planning. 

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    i do not recall the exact name of the rug, lily something, i think…  it sold out just after i purchased it.  sorry i couldn’t be of much help!

    side note: restoration hardware baby has a beautiful rug i also contemplated purchasing.  i think it is the medallion rug.  if you sign up for their mailing list, you’ll often get a coupon code for $100 off $500 or more.

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    I was wondering if the Ikea poang chair is comfy for those nights you might have to sleep in it? I really like it, just not sure if it is that comfy in.

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