Emily’s Lavender and Gray Unicorn Nursery

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There are few things sweeter in life then designing a nursery for a sweet baby girl. Luckily, I've gotten to do it twice.

With my older daughter Quinn's room I went for bright pinks and golds and while I loved it, I want little sister Emily's room to be much softer. I still wanted to use many of the big ticket items like the white crib, gray glider and gold poof but give it a new identity with different fabrics and artwork.

For colors, I decided to go with my childhood favorite, light purple. It paired perfectly with the gray and gold I already had in the room and gave it the calming look I was after. Finding purple for the nursery proved to be more difficult then the typical pink and required some searching and custom ordering. The first item I purchased was a Bla Bla kids hippo doll. Not only were the colors of the hippo perfect, but the doll was named Esther, who just happens to also be my late grandmothers name, and who both of girls are in same way named after.  It seemed like it was meant to be.

And while many of the items came from Pottery Barn Kids and other chain stores, I also made a conscious effort to incorporate items from Etsy sellers and artist driven communities. As an Etsy shop owner myself, I love supporting other sellers. My favorite Etsy purchase was a custom unicorn head. The shop, PenHands, was located in Greece and despite being a world away, was so easy to work with. I was a little worried about the unicorn head and what my custom creation would look like, but when I got it in the mail it was better then I expected. the unicorn even has gold eyelashes!

Personal items also dot the room, like a bib that Emily's god parents brought back from their honeymoon in Italy, a pair of purple moccasins that were mine as a child (and we didn't find in my parents attic until they were too small for big sister),  and lots of monogrammed things from sweet friends and family. Several more unicorns have also made their way in, including a Pottery Barn Kids bath wrap and slippers.

Emily's nursery is a special place in our home where the whole family loves to be.

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