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Emerald’s Ziggity Zaggety 1st BDay Party


Zig Zag inspired, whimsical fiesta for my baby girl's 1st Bday party.......

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was a Zig Zag invitation collection that I ordered online from WH Hostess.  I combined this with a Jonathan Adler zig zag patterned cups, wrapping paper, luggage tag.  I found zig zag leggings on EBay for $10.00-woo hoo!! 

Decorating Style

Eclectic, non-traditional, custom/personalized. 

Project Details

I made the zig zag tiered paper cake by wrapping nested boxes in wrapping paper. Go to for zig zag items...

The monogram gate Hanger was made by covering a paper mache' letter with rose petals.  What a great way to welcome guests and let them know for sure that they are at the party place!!

I made the framed accents using Scrapbook paper and embellishments (K&Company, Martha Stewart) are my favorite brands. 


I made all of the silk flower arrangements.....the key is flower selection and vessel choice to give the best presentation.  Look for natural looking flowers that have color gradation.  Faux doesn't have to be a bad word-ever! 

Favorite Items

The Zig Zag tiered paper was the centerpiece for the kids table and really set the tone for the entire, whimsical, and a statement! And...the bubble gumball machine favors....very vintage and whimsical! 

Oh, and I just love the coloring sheet that I designed to be a placemat for the kids. They really enjoyed it- they were coloring like they were taking a test- I was surprised and tickled at the same time!!  I used WordArt in Publisher- I imported free images from coloring sheet websites.  FREE!



Google, google, google!  Click on images, and you'll be suprised at what you can find online without running all over town. I researched the theme first to give me direction and a blueprint for the look.  The money I spent on shipping  cost for online purchases was so worth it.

Start as early as possible.....make what you can using scrapbooking supplies, bring your swatches with you whenever you shop to ensure your selections always tie well with your color palette. 

New invention:  Parents tables!!!  I set up 3 tables just for the adults so that they could eat, mix and mingle, and still keep a close eye on thier kids. They looked so relaxed!!  They also felt like they were a part of the party too....centerpieces were also designed for these tables so that they would not be an afterthought....we served Sloppy Joes and Kettle Chips with a tossed salad.  A hit with various ages, and the adults were able to eat and enjoy the same thing.


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  1. Hi there,

    Where did you get your giant “E”? I’d love to do the same for my little girls birthday next month.

  2. avatar says:

    Great job on every detail, you have really stirred up some inspiration in me…  Some really great ideas you have revealed here.

  3. avatar thepaisleypalm says:

    beautiful, great use of color!

  4. avatar Mama Cy @ Neighborhood Kids says:

    Love the color story and the zig zag print. Love how everything looks fresh and pops. Great job!

  5. avatar dezigner07 says:

    thanks amcordova1!!  that is what we were aiming for…lol.  big, bold, and larger than life, so yea 3D!

  6. avatar amcordova1 says:

    Love the color palette used for the party. The colors make everything look almost 3D. 

  7. avatar dezigner07 says:

    Hi! :-)

    Thanks so very much… was a labor of love, and yes I’m a DIY fanatic when it comes to party ideas… takes a bit more time, but I love details so it’s worth it. 

    True story……Emerald’s name was picked out about 13 years ago…she was destined to be here for sure.  Thank you.

  8. avatar says:

    There are a ton of creative DIY ideas here and that’s why you got my vote!  The tiered “cake” is fantastic and whimsical and I’m so happy to see colours other than light pink for a girl’s party! (I also love your daughter’s name- very pretty)

  9. avatar dezigner07 says:

    @momtocharlotte:  thank you!  The Theme is a mommie original!  LOL. 

    @IngridCallolway:  thank you so much!  I guess i didn’t realize it…yes, I love ribbon detail!  lol….it can truly make the ordinary, extraordinary.  I even used to trim the fabric backdrop (which is not clear in the pics)… covered the raw edges  and gives it a finished look.

    bubble gumball machine favors:

  10. avatar IngridCalloway says:

    I think that you showed us the many uses of ribbons here!  It’s great the way you used ribbons every where!  I also noticed the use of bright colors everywhere.  I love your gumball giveaway and the crayons!

  11. avatar momtocharlotte says:

    AMAZING – love the theme – you did an fantastic job!