Elmo Birthday Party! Brought to you by the letter C and the #2!

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Sesame street/Elmo birthday party.

Design Inspiration

Our daughters love for Sesame Street and Elmo.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Kids crafts: Bird house decorating, bought the inexpensive houses in Hobby Lobby a long with crayons, stickers and glitter to personalize it. Put a small plastic container full with bird seeds in their goodie bags to encourage the kids to play outside at their homes. Birthday signs: the food, instructions and welcome signs were hand made by a local artist ([email protected]) Personalized items: The HB banner, cup cake signs and goodie bags signs were purchased at etsy.com (babyfarmer). The invitations were also purchased on etsy (great price!). Finally, the goodie bags were filled with candy and one of the lollypops had a thank you note for coming sticker¬†(oriental trading.com).

Favorite Items

The bird house decoration! It gave each kid (no matter the age, the 1 yr olds were assisted by their parents) an opportunity to be creative and take something home that they can continue to enjoy and remember Carla by...definately our favorite!


Choose a theme, have a plan and be realistic with time and budget! Of course have fun!


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    Love Sesame Street! It’s one birthday party theme that will never grow old! Great job with the party details. It’s nice that you provided many different activities, like the bounce house, the birdhouse decorating, and the face painting.

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