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Ella’s Nursery


This nursery was created for my daughter, Ella.  I knew I wanted to work with a yellow and gray color scheme and then add in touches of pink.  The room is very small and though I had a lots of ideas, I tried not to clutter it up but keep it simple and add lots of homemade touches to treasure along with some modern items that she can grow up with and aren't so 'baby.'

Design Inspiration

I knew I wanted a yellow and gray room and when I saw the crib bedding at Target, I knew that was it!

Decorating Style

I enjoy modern style with touches of vintage or handmade.  Adding in that one of a kind piece is what makes it your room and not a show room.  I don't like a lot of clutter in decorating.  Just a few pieces can really communicate the look of a room and who lives in it.  Plus, by using just a few items or items that can be transformed easily (i.e. spray painting a picture frame), you haven't invested too much into it that you feel stuck with what you have going on already in the room.

Project Details

The crib bedding can be found at Target.  I purchased the ornate frame that hangs over crib at IKEA and spray painted it gray.  The white shelf also came from IKEA along with the white glass vase.  The mama and baby fabric birds came from Vintage Green Limited.  The gray stuffed owl is from Pier 1 Imports and the smaller pink owl is from Gush for Plush.

Favorite Items

The hanging white doll house is very personal to me.  It was made by my grandfather when I was a little girl.  He is gone now and it's like bringing a little piece of him along my journey of raising children.  I hope someday, Ella has a girl of her own to pass it on to.


Saturday 15th of October 2011

Love your color scheme. It's soft and clean and very easy on the eyes. And that little doll house is really charming, not to mention something with sentimental value. Another favorite is that decorative frame with "ELLA" inside.


Thursday 13th of October 2011

Very pretty! What color is on the walls?


Thursday 13th of October 2011

I think we are of the same mind! This is the bed set we purchased for our little girl due in Nov. and I wanted to add pops of pink to the yellow/gray and white color scheme! I will have to post pictures of the room when its done but so far we have hand made all the art work. I'm currently on the hunt for a (cheap)ornate mirror to hang over her changing table, but we don't have an IKEA any where near us. Love the room!!


Thursday 13th of October 2011

Very nice!