Eli’s Rockin’ Party

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My husband is a musician, so when we had little Elijah it was just assumed that we would have a little rockstar on our hands... We wanted to create an epic 1st birthday to show how much joy he's added to our life. We started with concert tickets (from amazon.com) for the invites. The decor was so much fun. We had a red carpet (of course!) for the guests to walk up when they arrived. What hoppin' club doesnt have a few bouncers?? My husband (AKA security) stood at the front door, where the kids received their backstage passes and their names were crossed off the VIP list... The rooms were filled with balloons, red, purple, and zebra everything. As far as food went we went very simple- pizza, fruit, and salad. We made cupcakes for all 60 guests with some really fun toppers. I made the birthday boy his own guitar cake which he loved. He wore his hair in a mohawk, red shirt, vest, skinny jeans, converse, and (drum roll please...) little baby tattoo sleeves! We have such an easy going group of friends there wasn't much need for activities. We did play "rock trivia" and the winner won an iTunes gift card. It was so much fun and such a perfect way to celebrate a true rockstar!!


  1. 1

    As my neighbors would shout, ROCK ON!!!

    I think that you had as much fun as Elijah with this party, probably even more :)

    Great job though, I can see him performing already :)

  2. 2

    I think the VIP list and the backstage pass was a great addition :)

    And that birthday cake… absolutely loved it!

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