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Elijah’s Tree Top Nursery


I wanted Elijah's room to be something that promoted growth.  I read a lot of articles about nurseries, and found that green and trees/growing plants are healthy to have in a nursery because they promote wellness and development. So I went with the tree top theme.  I love all the little birds and owl accents in the room, and I love that when I walk into his nursery there is an immediate calming feeling about it. 

Design Inspiration

I was shopping on Etsy when I was pregnant and found the shop "Design by Maya"  She has all these really cute little prints that look like scrapbook art, and the one I chose ended up becoming the entire inspiration for the nursery.  I then just made sure everything else I was doing matched that little piece of art!  Etsy was my serious addiction through this whole process!

Decorating Style

Natural and Modern. I try to challenge myself by blending elements that don't normally go together like modern prints with more traditional curvy furniture. Or bold colors blended with pastels to create a more interesting dynamic than your typical matchy-matchy baby room.

Project Details

Shelves- Target

Inspiration art work-  Etsy/Design by Maya

Little stained glass grasshopper- made by my Grandma Hoo Hoo

Teddy Bear-My dad picked it up at a craft fair for me

Everything else on the shelves were just little odds and ends I kept from my shower or found in the dollar bins at various stores

Pom Cluster- Etsy/PomLove and Martha Stewart Lanterns

Elijah Letters- Wood letters from Hobby Lobby, the branch they are hanging from came from our back yard. then I just wrapped it in yarn to give it a softer look (A little tip I picked up from a designer on HGTV named Genevieve Gorder-the best designer I have ever seen, I've been obsessed with her work since she was on Trading Spaces years ago!)

Keep Calm Poster-Etsy

Rocker-American Furniture Warehouse

Owl Pillow- Made by me, but the idea was stolen from an Etsy shop called sukanart

Modern Owl lamp-Furniture Row

Tree decal-custom order through Etsy/Designed Designer.  I took from two decals that this shop had and combined them.

Bird and Owl Mobile-Etsy/GiftsDefine

Crib Bedding and Changing Cover-  Oilo Berries in Green, I ordered an additional sheet in cobalt blue to match my blue wall, and then I took the ties off the bumper and replaced them with blue ones to give it more of a custom look

Crib-Babies R Us

Dresser- was mine when I was a baby, and my husband stripped it, refinished it, and added some cute knobs from Hobby Lobby.  It turned out really great, and I love having a vintage piece in the room




Favorite Items

I could never choose just one favorite item, but I really think the tree decal brings the whole room together, and I love sitting on my chair and feeding Eli and just staring at it!  It's so stinking pretty!!! 

The pom cluster is probably another favorite just because me and my husband spent an entire day putting it up!  It was seriously like sculpting a statue because we had to hang each one individually without squishing them and then maneuver them around until they looked right. It was actually pretty funny how into it we were!


Pick the paint colors last!  Just start shopping for things that you like for the nursery!  Your theme/color scheme will just emerge on its own if you just start picking up small odds and ends that you just like for no particular reason! Then, just keep adding to it until you feel like you are finished! 

Put yourself into the nursery, put things on shelves and walls that mean something to you.  Your baby will pick up on that, and feel more secure even when you are not in the room.  

Have fun!  It's not about impressing anyone but yourself and your tiny bundle of joy! So don't stress about it being perfect, just have fun making it a place that your family can enjoy!