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El dormitorio de Amanda


This is my daughter's room and my first room project I've ever planned.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration it was her name, Amanda Margarita. Amanda since my grandmother's name was Amanda and Margarita because is my mother name, so we didn't really want a theme but we wanted to feel the room feminine and romantic.

Decorating Style

Romantic and Feminine.

Project Details


 Embroidery Hoop Art ( Affordable and cute)

Bedding: My mom made the crib bedding and also the changing table cover pad and the little pillow for the horse and for the rocking chair... so special!


Favorite Items

Furniture, the hoop art, the wall decals and the shelves


I don't really have an advice, but if i have to say something to a new mom or dad is trying to keep a budget and have fun throught the entire project. I love share this experience with my mom, my sister and my husband.

La Jose

Friday 27th of January 2012

Está precioso!!! se pasó! Muy delicado y apacible. Si Amanda lo pudiera ver, ya hubiese nacido :) Los felicito a los dos por todo el cariño y dedicación que son evidentes en la habitación de mi sobrinita.



Wednesday 25th of January 2012

Lindo Carlita, lo vi en persona y se siente el amor con que lo preparaste. Además, hay buenas ideas.

Debbie Wilson

Wednesday 25th of January 2012

So beautiful Carla! Thanks for sharing! Inspires me to update Sean's room with some good ideas! Love the romantic theme. I love decorating too, so much fun. Can't wait to meet Amanda one day soon Mamma!


Tuesday 24th of January 2012

The wall decals are really pretty. Nice fabric hoops on the wall, too. I see you only have two days more to good luck on the delivery.