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Eco Friendly 1st Birthday Party


We were looking to have a 0-minimal environmental impact birthday party. The party was a hit with reusable cloths, healthy snacks and of course cute cakes. 

Design Inspiration

Mother Nature

Decorating Style

Eco Chic

Project Details

I documented the pros and cons of moving away from traditional birthday party madness in this blog:

Favorite Items

The table cloth that has now been used for 7 birthdays. The girls are so excited to put it on the table on their birthdays!


Anything that is reusable is key. Try to avoid creating waste by making things yourself and using what you already have. 

Jasmine C.

Sunday 29th of April 2012

I like the eco-friendly party theme. And the fruits as snacks, too! Such a great way to celebrate your daughter's birthday and to celebrate Mother Earth!


Saturday 28th of April 2012

I think that the concept you have here is great, having fun while also saving the Earth. I also love the idea of having a mini tradition with the tablecloth :)