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Eastons 4th Birthday Angry Birds Style


I knew this year party theme would be angry birds when my son became hooked on the game last fall. Since then everything has been Angry Birds this, angry birds that... so again my vintage baseball theme got squashed for the second year in a row! So In I dove looking for ideas to get this off the ground. I started with the basic primary color theme that is Angry Birds, Red, yellow, and Blue.  My next thought was pattens... Every Birthday so far has been laden with Polkadots and I cant ruin a good theme so I knew somehow I would include Polkadots and my new favorite pattern, Chevron. And thus my ideas were born ;)

Design Inspiration

As are all my projects, I like to be creative on a budget with DIY projects. This was no different. I wanted this party to be fun for my son and his friends and one he would hopefully remember ;)

Decorating Style

Colorful DIY projects, with a mix of patterns style and creative rhymes and labels.

Project Details

All the decor I created myself. www.eaepersonalizedcreations

Invites, lables, signs, banners, decals all custom EAE.

Table Wear was purchased from Birthday Express, Angry Bird Plates and Napkins and I accented with solids and polkadot plates and napkins from a local dollar market.

Balloons were purchased from Polkadot Market

I purchased Angry Bird note pads at Target and labled them "Scratch Pads" Other favors included Magnets which I designed but vendored out for and Bubbles which I designed and printed stickers for and bought bubbles at a the local dollar market

I have also found that although a "candy buffet" looks good people are usually too scared to actually pluck from it... lol so I kept is simple this year only have 3 types, Gumballs which i labled Bird Eggs, Gummie worms, Worms and runts and sprees as Angry Bird Rio Bird Seed ... I also resused my lollipop tree from last years party and replaced with new suckers





Favorite Items

I really liked how the focal White angry Bird turned out, I used a piece from my house as a nest, bought some shredded paper and I think that set a good tone as the center piece :)


Dont be afraid to make things on your own and to use different patterns and colors.



Tuesday 10th of July 2012

oh i love the theme!! what a nice party decor and idea


Thursday 5th of July 2012

I know, I started planning months ago, and at the time there wasnt a huge selection of things but now its getting more popular and easier to find. My son loved it, Im sure your kids would too ;)

Frauline Melfi

Monday 2nd of July 2012

My kids are so into Angry Birds! I am sure they will love a party with this theme!