Earthy Boho Girls Room

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After pleading with Ilana for months to let her professional designer mommy make her room look special, she finally let me. And here is the sweet result. Hallelujah. If I was a 6 year old girl, I would be very pleased with myself. And even though she won't admit I know she is. She does like pink but her tomboy mom can't hang with all pink everything. I balanced it out with earthy browns and tans. I think the combo of tan, mustard, and pink is just delicious.


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    What a great space for a little girl! You have given me inspiration now to finish my daughters room although it is no where near as large. I’d been so frustrated on my daughters room color that I just flat out called it quits.
    Note to self: never again will I pick room colors without ever seeing the house and lighting first. I picked SW BoothBay Gray as it looked so perfect on everyone’s pins. Only to find out that in a smaller room with wood floors it looks dreary and depressing. :( Your blog has lit a fire under my bum to dive back in and create a special space for her even if it means I have to paint.
    What I’d like to know more about is this bed from Ikea. Your the first person I’ve seen use two mattresses with it?
    Did you just keep the bottom mattress on the floor to create that space and use the loft version for the upper level? Was there a specific mattress that fits best when purchasing this bed?
    Thank you for any info. I can’t wait to give her a bit of mommy’s Boho vibe!
    Sincerely Rhiann Teal
    (California native who just moved to Michigan 6 months ago! Girl it is cold but beautiful.)

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    Hey darling
    I am dying for this bed ! It would be perfect for my little girls in our extremely small condo. May I ask where is was purchased from !?

    Really beautiful job by the way :)

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