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Earthy Baby Girl Shower


A lovely vintage earthy shower, with pops of Coral, Yellow and Grey. Homemade decadent treats and drinks, and crafts hand stitched with love especially for baby's nursery!

Design Inspiration

Natural colors, earthy touches, and goodies from countries around the world.

Favorite Items

Loved the striped straws!

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  1. avatar Deborah says:

    Very classy. Love the colors and textures.

  2. avatar Eva Marie says:

    Beautiful, subtle and artistic in every way. Both classy and fun, and the sweets look amazing!

  3. avatar Helene says:

    Just lovely…..what a beautiful shower:) Love the original earthy feel and look:)

  4. avatar Beau says:

    An artist’s beautifully created ambience for another artist’s baby. Both highly talented friends. Gorgeous colors and most clever arrangements.

  5. avatar avalon says:

    So charming! I love the warm and earthy tones and the well-thought-of decor. Good luck on your impending mommyhood!

  6. This is so beautiful!!! The attention to detail is incredible and so thoughtfully put together. Love love the vintage and organic feel to everything!