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E & M’s Girls Bedroom


I needed to create a serene and calm space for the 2 girls.  The house is decorated very traditional so I was going for decor that will blend in with the rest of the home.  The room wasn't too big either. 

Design Inspiration

The mother chose lilac as the color of choice.  We chose the bedding and window treatment first.  Then we did the paint and decor.  The end results?  The room is very traditional and sweet.  Calm and soothing. With lots of room for the girls to add their own personal touches.

Decorating Style

Most of the rooms I designed are traditionally decorated or eclectic.  But lately i'm transitioning to eclectic/contemporary.

Project Details

The bedding and window treatment is from our exclusive Blooming Babies line, available on our site at

Favorite Items

The Chandelier and bedding.  Basically everything!


Purple is a very soothing color.  Mix darker and lighter shades of the color throughout the room.   


Wednesday 21st of March 2012

Charmingly traditional! The colors suit the room's theme perfectly, too. And because the room is simple and free of any other decorative accents, the girl are free to personalize it any way they want.