Drew’s Domino Magazine-Inspired Room

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I used a lot of different colors in this room! Hot pink, black, white, cream, powder blue, mustard, and orange! I also used about 3 different kinds of wood colors. I resisted the urge to go over-board and be too matchy - I think the result is a very fun, whimsical, modern room!

Design Inspiration

With the upcoming arrival of my daughter, Drew, I wanted a room that was not only a great nursery, but would turn into a great toddler room as well.  I had remembered a picture in Domino magazine that I had seen years prior.  They published it in their book of decorating and it became my inspiration for her room!

Decorating Style

I like to mix styles....modern wtih a hint of vintage.  If the store Anthropologie were a decorating genre, I'd say that was me!  I like to mix affordable items with a few really nice pieces.  I also really like one of a kind items, that add a personal touch. 

Project Details

My first purchase was the fabric for the windows from Mod Green Pod, called Butterfly Jubilee.  I made the cornices for about $10 in supplies...all it took was some glue, foam board, batting, and some pins.

I searched high and low for a good black & white ticking stripe fabric for my chair (chair was originally red, from Home Goods) that I had laying around in storage. The pillow is from Etsy, at BedBuggs Boutique.

One of my favorite parts of the room is the giraffe silhouette, made from vintage wallpaper. This came from Inke, all the way from Netherlands. The crib and dresser are from the Baby Mod line at Walmart. The desk lamp is from Target, and the lion art is from Avalisa. The chandelier lamp over the crib is from Ikea.

The table and chairs are from Target. The adorable felt tea set, inclusive of tea bags, was found on Etsy, at the Sew Cute shop.  On to the bookcase. This beauty is from Oeuf. I got mine from the adorable online shop, Fawn & Forest. I spent a lot of time searching for a less expensive look-alike all over the internet, but nothing compared to the design of this bookcase. I knew I had to have it. The "d" art is also from Avalisa. The fox/flower print is from Etsy, at the Yumi Yumi shop. I found the orange lamp at Marshall's for a steal...$19.95!

I had so much fun filling up this bookcase. I pulled things that I already had, along with some items from my childhood, including the piggy bank, many of the children's books, and a few coffee table/interior design books I had. I seem to get crafty when I'm pregnant. I'm not an artist, but I was shopping in Joann fabrics and walked by some doilies and had a revelation of sorts. I went to Aaron Brothers (hit the penny sale, thank you very much), bought some canvas' and paint and the result were some fun little pieces of "art". I used some felt and some scraps for the giraffe silhouette as well. My dad made me the adorable little doll bed out of wire and a dishtowel as the bedding!

A few finishing touches for Drew's room. The coat rack and pink rug are from Land of Nod. The adorable hanger is from Etsy, at the Lila Frances shop. The faux sheepskin rug is from Ikea. The porcelain kitty is from a local antique store and the mini vase I found on clearance from Anthropologie. The adorable squirrel lady print is from Etsy, at the Berkley Illustration shop.

Favorite Items

I think my favorite item has to be the giraffe wallpaper silhouette!


Resist being too "matchy-matchy" and really utilize the internet for good deals!


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    Great Room! Looks amazing! I noticed the Baby Mod Crib and Dresser, and was wondering how it is holding up for you, I’ve read some reviews and seem to be a little lost on what to do, many people are saying that it is great obviously affordable for such a modern look but others are saying that it falls apart quickly and that the paint chips… what has your experience been so far?

    thanks for sharing!!

  4. 4

    Oh how lovely!  I like the giraffe!  I love it, I love it, I love it!  I was wondering how much it cost if you have to import it???

  5. 5

    Love it! it’s contemporary, fun , yet serene. i was wondering how you are keeping all the bright colored toys and such from disturbing that pallette?
    You did a great job!

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    I think that you have just given me the perfect design idea for my own nursery.  Thanks a lot for sharing this room!

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    Lovely room,  It has a lot of elements in it, but it doesn’t really drown you or overwhelm you.  My personal favorite is the lion and the giraffe silhouette.

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