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Andy’s Airplane Themed Nursery


An airplane themed nursery for a sweet baby boy!

Project Details

  • Paint was Kilz in Baby Boy (Walmart)
  • Bedding from eBay seller BeyondBedding
  • Large hanging airplane:
  • Cloud wall clings:

Favorite Items

The antique propeller that belonged to my husband's grandfather


Ebay was our best friend!  We found the bedding (brand new) for half the price other websites were selling it for.  Also got the large hanging airplane for 50% less than was selling it for.

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  2. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Tammy, It says above that it was purchased from Ebay.

  3. avatar Tammy says:

    Where did you find the hanging airplane?

  4. avatar Mayra says:

    Great job!!! I love it where did you find that dresser?

    Thanks, MAyra

  5. avatar Maureen R says:

    Thanks! :) Hanging the plane was surprisingly easy…. it came with the metal chain, which we connected to a plant hook in the ceiling. Since it is over his crib, we were extra cautious and supported it with three pieces of fishing line (on the tail and each side of the wing) tied to eye hooks in the wall and ceiling to reinforce everything.


  6. avatar hillperk says:

    Hi there,

    Great job on the room! Was the airplane difficult to hang? Any issues with it being heavy, etc? Thanks so much,

    – Hillary

  7. avatar BriskRain says:

    I think an airplane theme is a really great theme for baby boys. Boys really do find airplanes fascinating. I love the hanging airplane, and oh, that antique propeller from your hubby’s gramps is just too precious!

  8. avatar Julie S. says:

    Love, love, love this room!!! We’re doing an airplaine theme for our baby boy, too. Great tip on the hanging plane on eBay. We’ll be getting one. Thanks for sharing!