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Dreaming of Birdies Nursery


Bird Themed Nursery for a Baby Girl

Design Inspiration

Pink and Green. Bird Themed.

Decorating Style

Traditional and Vintage

Project Details

Munire Furniture, Serena and Lily/Pottery Barn Bedding, Carpet from Serena and Lily, Wall decal from

Favorite Items

Wall decal purchased here:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title


I didn't try to match pinks and greens around the room.. instead I bought fabrics and pieces that I loved in every shade of pink and green! And I bought birds of all shapes, sizes, and wing spans- even owls :)

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  1. avatar Jennifer says:

    Such a beautiful nursery! Hope you are still answering questions . . . I’m wondering how you’ve liked the area rug? It is holding up well? I’m considering one like that, from Serena Lily, for my daughter’s room. But I’m concerned that it won’t be soft enough. Would love to hear your thoughts, as it looks perfect in the room! Thank you!

  2. avatar Hadley says:

    The letters on the wall are from Ben Franklin crafts and I just painted them. The book shelf is from pottery barn kids! Hope that helps! :)

  3. avatar Sonia says:

    Hi! Lovely room! Where did you buy the white book shelf? Thanks!

  4. avatar cchallett says:

    I love your nursery!  I’m doing something very similar, with yellow walls and a tree and bird decal.  I’ve also been looking for letters to hang on the wall, and I’d love to know where you got those pink and green letters to spell your daughter’s name.  Thanks!

  5. avatar pfrancis07 says:

    Thank you! The mirror was purchased at an antique/thrift shop in Richmond, VA. I’m not sure where you can find one but I’d check out places like It was already painted pink  when I bought it!

  6. avatar brookelhardin says:

    I LOVE your baby’s nursery….so warm and inviting. What a sweet retreat and place to grow. Where did you find the mirror? I have been searching for something similar and cannot find one anywhere! I’m even willing to do a little DIY painting on one…I just need the frame. Congratulations and thank you for the help.

  7. avatar pfrancis07 says:

    USA Baby doesn’t have the chair on their website- I just noticed this. I live in Richmond, VA and I got the chair at the store here. I believe they must have their own setup with whoever makes the chairs. If you are interested I would call this store and ask if they still have a glider that you can choose fabrics on. It was the only one like that in the store. Hope that helps!

  8. avatar pinkyswear says:

    You are truly gifted!!  This is a beautiful and serene room for a child!  Congratulations!  I was also wondering about the chair!  It is a gorgeous pattern!  I looked on the site you gave but I can’t seem to find the chair or the fabric collections!  Would you mind to give a little more information?  I am trying to find one for my first grandchild and it would be perfect!!  Thank you so much!  Congratulations!

  9. avatar pfrancis07 says:

    The chair was ordered from USA Baby! They had tons of fabric options too!

  10. avatar lvbarrett says:

    Beautiful Nursery! Where’s the yellow patterned chair from? Thanks!!

  11. avatar pfrancis07 says:

    The bumper is Serena and Lily! I found it on sale this past fall so I am not sure if it’s still available.  It is the Lucy crib set. I bet you can still find it on Amazon?!

  12. avatar Godisgood77 says:

    I am in love with your daughter’s nursery! You did such a wonderful job! :-) I have been looking for a crib bumper similar to yours, do you mind sharing the link with me from where you bought it from? Thanks, I appreciate it! :-)

  13. avatar hawahawa says:

    The room, overall, looks warm, lovely and feminine. You did great combining the small interesting items together that make up this nice nursery.

  14. avatar pfrancis07 says:

    Here is the link to the Etsy store for the banner:

    The bedding is a mix of two sets I bought: The skirt and diaper changing cover are serena and lily. The bird sheet and bird quilt are pottery barn kids. The bird pillow was hand sewn by an etsy dealer:

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback :)

  15. avatar elink14 says:

    Love the room & the colors! Where did you get the bedding?

  16. avatar says:

    What an adorable nursery! I love your  “dream” banner on the fireplace. Was that an etsy purschase as well? Can you share where you bought it?

  17. avatar cottonlily says:

    A tree decal done right finally!  It’s not one sad lonely tree stuck on the wall.  This one has presence and you would never doubt it’s the focal point.  You balanced it well with the changing table and chair.  Nothing is matchy matchy which I love.  Wallpapering the closet – you go girl!  And I love the bones of this room even more than the design.  Beautiful hardwood floors and a mantle in a nursery…what other little girl is that lucky?!

  18. avatar Dandelion says:

    Charming mix of traditional and vintage decors. And it’s nice that you didn’t go overboard. You were able to create a warm and pretty nursery.

  19. avatar pfrancis07 says:

    Thanks for the comments! The paint color is Valspar, Creamy Oats in Satin finish. Finding the right yellow can be very difficult.. we tried tons of samples before picking one. It really depends on how much light the room gets on whether or not this color could work for you. I love the way it glows at night with just the soft lamps shining on it and in the daylight it’s super bright and happy. I’d definitely suggest it!

  20. avatar Bec4teachn says:

    I love your little girl’s room! I have the same bedding and have been stumped as to what color to paint it because I wanted to match the bedding. I love your idea of not matching the colors exactly. Thank you for the idea! What color/brand of yellow did you use? I also LOVE the tree! 

  21. avatar *splendid*whimsy* says:

    thanks so much for the link!! terrific details all around your nursery :)

  22. avatar pfrancis07 says:

    The poms above the dresser were purchased here:

    They were originally used for our baby shower but I couldn’t bare to throw them away so they found a new home in the nursery :)

  23. avatar *splendid*whimsy* says:

    i love the decorative poufs in the alcove above the dresser. where did you find them?!

  24. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    The tree wall decal is lovely. It would be my favorite, too. You did a pretty job here.

  25. avatar cafieneeee says:

    This nursery is da bomb!