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Doughnuts with Charlie


We celebrated Charlie's birthday by inviting everyone over for doughnuts!

Design Inspiration

We love doughnuts so much that the two local doughnut shops in our area know us when we come in (which is weekly, if not more often). So when choosing Charlie's birthday theme, it was only fitting that we have a doughnut party.

Decorating Style

Sweet, simple, and on a budget -- plenty of DIY here!

Project Details

  • Cardboard doughnut signs: I made them from a large box, streamers, giftbag tissue, washi tape, school glue, and cardstock for the letters I cut with my Silhouette Cameo.
  • Doughnut Pinata: I made it using the same supplies as above. It was held together with regular packing tape. Rather than poking wire through the pinata, we just put wire through the center opening.
  • Chalkboards: I lettered the welcome sign and menu using my DIY plywood chalkboards that are typically hanging in my house as decor.
  • Hanging doughnut cutouts: I found the doughnut images online, printed them, cut them out with my Cameo, then taped them to fishing line.
  • Aprons: I used print-at-home iron-on paper on aprons purchased from Amazon.
  • Doughnuts were ordered from our local Krispy Kreme, a local donut shop I grew up with, and blueberry donuts ordered from LA. We served a total of 220 doughnuts and 120 donut holes.
  • Coffee & chocolate milk bar: The doughnuts from Krispy Kreme came as a combo which included a carafe of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee for the adults. We also served chocolate milk for the kids.
  • Doughnut balloons: The plain white doughnut balloons were purchased from Fancy That & painted with Acrylic paint then decorated with washi tape.
  • Glittered Doughnut Napkins: Ordered from Fancy That

Favorite Items

The doughnut pinata. My husband thought I would cry when the kids broke it, but I actually laughed at how difficult of a time they had cracking it open!


Keep it simple and stay on budget by making your own decor and reusing what you have. Plan your party styling ahead of time (I doodle my vision on scratch paper and keep it handy in case something comes to mind) so you follow your idea and know where everything goes on the day of the party. Have fun!

Tabitha Kelejian

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

Do you mind sharing more pics and details on how you made the large donut for the backdrop??