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Dotty About Baby


Nursery for our baby boy Luca

Design Inspiration

We had just had the house painted when we moved in the previous year. The room which is now the nursery had been painted a neutral colorful and I really didn't want to have to repaint it. I decided to try and bring color in another way. I was inspired by the crib bedding I found (Dwellstudio for Target). I knew I didn't want the standard boy blue nursery and the dots were just so colorful that they really lifted the otherwise neutral room.

Project Details

  • Bedding & curtains - DwellStudio for Target "Dot Fun"
  • Paper lanterns as a mobile alternative -
  • ABC Print - i made this myself on the computer, had it printed at Costco and framed it.
  • Other framed art - I found cute scrapbooking paper at Michaels and framed this as a cute (and more economic) alternative to store bought nursery wall art.
  • Circles on the shelf - I found fabric to match the colors in the bedding and framed these using embroidery circles.

Favorite Items

Other than the bedding I love the ABC print I made and the lamp I found at a local Home Goods.

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  1. avatar Jill says:

    i love this decor! i am totally stealing your idea. what color paint do you have on the wall?

  2. avatar james77 says:

    Do you know the colors you ordered in the lanterns?

  3. avatar dacalabrese says:

    karamo81 and awb89, both the basket and lamp were from Homegoods. Good luck with your nurseries!!!

  4. avatar awb89 says:

    Where did you find that adorable lamp?  I love the simplicity of the room!

  5. avatar karamo81 says:

    Also, the basket for toys to the right of the crib when facing it, where was that item bought?  It is very cute! 

  6. avatar karamo81 says:

    How did you do the alphabet print?  I would LOVE one!  Could you send the link so I could print one myself?  I would love to learn how as I have some other things like that I would like to make but no idea where to begin.  Thanks!  LOVE your nursery!  And it’s a great space for a little one to grow!

  7. avatar dacalabrese says:

    GreenMomma, I found the shelves at home depot of all places. Go on to there website and search for “mural floating shelf” and you’ll see them. I bought them in store. Not amazing quality but reasonable prices, look great and are fine as long as you aren’t planning on putting anything super heavy on them.

  8. avatar dacalabrese says:

    rchahulski, for the lanterns I had some clear plastic wire (I guess kind of like fishing wire). I tied that to the lanterns and used white drawing pins to attach them to the ceiling. Hope that helps!

  9. avatar rchahulski says:

    How did you hang the lanterns?  I have some too, I just didn’t know the safest way to hang them above a crib.  Looks great!

  10. avatar GreenMomma says:

    Thanks, those are the sizes that I figured they were. Where did you find your white shelving? I have looked all over trying to find shelves like that in white.

  11. avatar dacalabrese says:

    Hi! I’m pretty sure I used 6, 8 and 10 inch.

  12. avatar GreenMomma says:

    What size lanterns did you use above the crib?

  13. avatar edrew1 says:

    I just ordered the same cip and changer/combo unit so I am pleased at how great it looks in the room. I love the ABC print, too!

  14. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Love the lamp! Congrats on a great room and Luca!!

  15. avatar cottonlily says:

    Beautiful nursery! I love how you kept the neutral walls yet still added so much color; it’s very fun, yet subtle. Of the more modern nurseries this is definitely one of my favorites.