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DIY Teal & Yellow Dessert Buffet – Kites, Paper Planes & Balloons


We wanted to create a dessert buffet which would be the focal point of the party. Our plan worked because most of the photos with our guests were taken with the dessert buffet as the background. We didn't want to spend a lot of money so we pretty much baked all the goodies ourselves! All we had were cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and pecan tassies. I originally made white and teal tags with the description of the baked goods, but we ran out of time and weren't able to do everything we had hoped to do. This table does show that you don't need to have a lot to create a nice dessert table...even keeping it simple works!

Design Inspiration

I just loved the color combination of teal and yellow.  I also liked the idea of having kites, paper planes and balloons.  We are having a boy, but this color combo can easily be used for a girl's party as well. 

Decorating Style


Project Details

Background - use any background that goes well with your theme.  We had some extra photography background paper that we used, but you can also use fabric (solid color / printed) if you'd like.

Paper planes - simply made by "the cousins" using yellow paper.

Kites - Made by my little sister. Also made using regular paper.  They were even supported  with bamboo skewers!  I don't think we intended on actually flying them but the skewers made them sturdy.  We hung some from the ceilings throughout the house as well. 

Cake pops - We made them for the first time and had some challenges dipping them, but we eventually got the hang of it.  Here's a link with good instructions:

Cookies & cakes:  Remember to stick to your color scheme then find some good recipes on

Cupcake & cake pop liners:

Cheap way to add a little bit of height to your table:  wrap a box with wrapping paper!  Place items on top of the box. 

White serving plates:  All purchased at Home Goods

Cookie Jars:  Set of 3 purchased at Marshalls for only $12!

Teal and yellow chinese takout boxes:  I am a dealer for Envelopments stationary so I was able to purchase a few just to add additional touches of color to the table. 



Favorite Items

I just love how everything all came together.  The cake pops and cookies were the first items to go so definitely make enough to restock your table! 


Just have fun and remember that you don't have to spend a lot to create a nice visual focal point for your party.  Also give yourself enough time to plan everything out and execute!  I also purchased yellow and white paper straws that would have gone with small milk bottles, but since we ran out of time we'll have to save them for another party! 


Friday 1st of April 2011

So many mouthwatering goodies on the table! And the best thing about it is that you baked all of them. Nothing like homebaked goodness to kick off a party. And I love the way you decorated your buffet table. It's simple, but nice and neat.