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DIY Sibling Celebration


Getting ready for the baby is exciting and hectic! Involve your older child as much as possible and start the sibling relationship off strong and adoring! BB's Tees provides Moms and Dads a designer inspired party kit for big sister or brother to be! Honor your child "becoming big" with a celebration and make their day as special as they are!

Design Inspiration

I wanted to create a special memory for my oldest before he would be sharing the "spot light"!  So I made his favorite cake and invited friends over for a big brother party.  We played games and shared conversations about jobs for big brothers.  When I created a business around this concept, I expanded my thoughts and really there are endless ideas around this type of party concept!

BB's Tees is a growing company but check in at to see what products we already have for Mom's and Dad's who are wanting to announce and honor thier child.

Decorating Style

We offer graphics to please any parents and their child's personal style!

Project Details

Color, color, color!  Visit us at BB's Tees and view our colorful and stylish assortment of sibling gifts.

Favorite Items

Being a Louisiana girl, I LOVE our Fleur de Lis graphic for Big Sister!

Our melamine dinner plate (that can be personalized) is being featured in Pregnancy Magazine next month!


I raise two boys and I'm constantly attending to sibling needs!  My partner and I blog with other moms in hopes of bettering our skills as parents.  There are so many awesome philosophies and techniques to be learned and shared when it comes to parenting.  I want to know it all and provide wonderful childhood memories for my boys:)



Friday 26th of November 2010

I agree. Great idea. A party like this is unexpected and it helps the older sibling-to-be appreciate his or her new role in the family. I love this.


Friday 12th of November 2010

This is a wonderful idea! Throwing out a party to celebrate your child's impending "big brother-hood" or "big sister-hood" will help them prepare for when the new addition arrives. It will make them realize that having a baby sister or a baby brother is not a bad thing -- in fact, it is a lot of fun.