DIY Sensory Boards

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You can read the full details on the sensory boards design here:


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    Great question Nella! I’m sure you can find studies saying so, but mostly I love them because (1) I think they look cool on the wall and (2) they occupy the baby for loooong periods of time. :)

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    I want to do something like this! I’m sure the baby will find the different feel, textures and shapes fascinating! At their age, this is how they explore the world.

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    This posting reminded me of an article I read last week, warning parents about the dangers of toys that are (wait for it) WIFI enabled. Huh??? Why in the name of Dr. Seuss would you want to risk your precious little ones being exploited by the World Wide Web? Why not try something more sensible, like sending them out on their tricycles to play on the Interstate?

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